Rocketry 1

So rocketry may seem hard but do not under estimate it, It is really hard but the outcome was worth it, we used trundle wheels to measure the distance we needed to be away from the rocket to measure the angle of the rocket from 50 meters and the amount of space to be safe. We used clinometers to measure the angle the rocket was at so we could find out the height the rockets went and we used a trigger to launch it. I really wanted to use the trigger because it was a red button, A RED BUTTON! It was like a spy but launching rockets it was super fun! And there were other jobs too like pump and count down and video so we had to pump the launch pad to 50 psi and there was clinometers on sides measuring the angle of the rocket and the video job took the video and we all rotated jobs but oh don’t forget the countdown the countdown got to scream at the top of their lungs 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF! So they were lucky in their own Way. The launch was amazing but it took a lot of research to get there we had to do rocket science ROCKET SCIENCE! we were mini scientists! It may be hard but the outcome was worth it.

Rocketry 2

The final launch was also just as fun as the last one except with higher expectations we had new fins so it would fly straighter into the air and guess what one of the fins fell after the launch and we were hoping the rocket would survive the launch because we would have to take pictures afterwards gut only one fin fell off so we just turned the rocket to take the photo. The buildup to it was actually really exiting with a deadline to make changes and all it was really cool the rocket was fragile made of paper and LOTS of tape it was basically made of tape if it broke game over no more launch so we were depending on it  so we were under lots of stress but sometimes the stress gives you a motive to work harder if you are in a argument or something like that it is harder than it looks but it is more fun than it looks. It’s confusing.

plant post 1

My class is learning about plants and we are wondering if we put the plant in colder temperatures then after a while the plant will die because the plant will be too cold. Our controlled variables are water, soil, sunlight, air, and our manipulated variable is temperature. Our controlled quad measurements are  

9 cm tall, Color : Green, 5 leaves and droopy, and our manipulated quad measurements are 7 cm, Color: Green, 2 Leaves. The controlled quad is growing way faster than the manipulated quad.

maglev blog post 3

Today we got the maglev train to float with weight on top.

We stacked 2 magnets on each side of the track so that the magnetic fields were stronger so the train can float with weight on top.

I think the design worked because we put extra magnets on which intensified the magnetic field and made it float.

It was a fun experience working with my tablemates

And this is the last post on maglev trains so see you next post!

magelv blog post 2

Today we finally got the mini maglev train to work.

We put 2 strip magnets on the train and we put 2 strip magnets on the track.

Today pretty much everything went right for us except that the train kept tipping over but we fixed that.

Our goal for our next design is being able to put weight on the train and it still floats.

Maglev trains post #1

our maglev train

A maglev (magnetic levitation) train is a train that floats above the tracks and uses magnets to make it float. In class we are creating a maglev train.

In our first design, we put the north pole of the magnet on the train facing the north pole of the magnet on the track to make it float and maglev trains use that exact same thing. We used ring magnets in the middle of the track with strip magnets along the side. On the train we put disc magnets along the outer edge. It did not levitate or travel down the track, but that is just part of the engineering design process. Tomorrow we have to go back to the imagine and planning stages to come up with a new idea.

The experience was good. There were a few arguments but otherwise it was great. Tomorrow, we will listen to each other, not argue and work together.


My Expert Book – 3L

My expert book is about robots. I chose this topic because I always loved to play with robots so that’s why I chose this topic.

The expert book took about three months of hard work and time. Also, I spent most of the time doing drafts. So I only had about one month to make a whole slideshow and that was a very hard part.

I hope you like my book called Robots!

Jedi academy the force oversleeps

The book I recommend is  “Jedi Academy the force oversleeps by Jarrett J krosoczka

In the book Jedi academy the force oversleeps By Jarrett J Krosoczka  Victor Starspeeder is at Jedi academy and a new kid steals his friends. His name is Zayver.  He gets to final in a lightsaber dueling competition and faces his sister in the tournament. I wonder why did they change authors in the 1st book and the 4th book? think that it’s a great book I also highly suggest the series.