Treasure hunt

Today I went around my house and gathered a bunch of items such as pencils, books, paper, cardboard and plastic. After I found all these item I used the book as a base because they are the strongest of all the materials. I folded the paper to make it more stable so it wouldn’t crumple. I took the rest of the materials and stacked them up against each other and I made a tower out of all of the different materials.

1st week of quarantine

The 1st week of quarantine was interesting and confusing. When we all got the email saying school was canceled and we should be social distancing, no one really knew what that meant. After everyone realized no one should be with other people, other than your family. To stay busy I have been playing basketball in my driveway and going on bike rides. It feels weird to be away from school for this amount of time but I’m sure we will get used to it.


This week in tech we started to design a box and at first I was just going to do a normal box with hinges. But then after I thought i decided to make a surprise box. A surprise box is when you make a box that has 2 channels on the side and you have a slide that goes in between them and than you attach a spider or something scary so when they open it it jumps at them. After we designed it we shaved wood with a hand plane.

Tech 7- screws

Yesterday in tech we screwed nails into pieces of wood. In order to do this we had to find a screwdriver that matched the nail. Their were multiple nails and screw drivers. When I found the right one it was easy to get the nail into the wood, all I had to was line up the screwdriver and turn it to the right. But first I had to use an awl to get an initial hole in the wood because if I didn’t the screw would just fall over and not stay in balance. When I was able to screw in multiple screw it made me feel good about myself.

thank you.