Future Blogging

I haven’t include this in any of my other posts but in the near future I will be blogging about sports. More specifically, football and my favorite team, the New York Jets, and my favorite basket ball team, the Golden State Warriors. My favorite player on the Warriors is obviously Stephen Curry because of how well he can shoot threes. My favorite Jets player is the rookie receiver Robby Anderson (at a Jets game I saw him catch a 47 yard TD triple guarded, I’ll make a separate post about that.) I will be blogging about my football team, the Raiders soon and also my basketball team the Sharks.

Stay active to see my next post.

My Poems

This is one of the poems that I wrote this year)


They took everything

except the light


It was the only thing

They couldn’t take


And the only thing

That gave us hope


Excerpt from “Bad Possibilities”


This is an excerpt from a story that I wrote called “Bad Possibilities”

As I walk down the path I notice all the small things, the squirrels and chipmunks sprinting across the grass and up the trees, the leaves start to fall and the branches become bare like they are alone, my dogs favorite squeaky toy, outside, she would never put that toy outside, she loved it way too much. I knew something was wrong. I then stopped walking and I looked up at the wide open door, I threw my water bottle onto the floor and I ran, my cleats hit the ground even harder now making it sound like horses hooves. I didn’t even have to look, I knew she was gone.

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Two Trails

Two Trails



I am from the hospitals. The place where I visit so much. The place where I go home learning what to do and what not to do. The place where nervous faces surround me. I am from the hospitals.


I am from the white sand beaches. The many barbeques that we had on those beaches. The seagulls calling out to us as if they had to say something. The seals lying on the rocks together. Friends and family laughing together. I am from the white sand beaches.


I am from skiing. Gliding down the mountains, wind pushing against my face. Trees and frozen lakes surround me. I leave two trails behind me. Looking out over the mountains and the valleys as I ski. The skies are filled with snow and clouds. I am from skiing.


I am from family dinners. Gathering around the table. Sharing our thoughts and troubles. Talking about anything we want. Knowing we are wanted and welcome. And sometimes we are quiet from eating. A place where not only good news is told, but also bad news. I am from family dinners.


When I go back in time and think, I know where I’m from.

Excerpt from Pier Pressure

This is an excerpt from a story that I wrote called “Pier Pressure”

I had done it.  I looked up at four faces peering over the edge of the pier.  They were my friends, my real friends. They didn’t look shocked and surprised.  I remember when I had no hope that I was going to do it, but now I could walk up onto the pier and jump right off without thinking twice. I felt like I could do anything now.

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Rambling Autobiography

I Hate The Smell of Air Freshener



When I was younger I thought superglue and my fingers were a good match.  It was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. I was at basketball practice and our warm up was to run backwards.  I learned something that day–do not run backwards with your laces untied. Once I stepped on a fly and thought it was a bee, so I ran around my house screaming. A couple of months back I was riding my bike down the road and I felt a huge bump under my tire. I looked back and saw a turtle. Once my cousin said to me that he believes in ghosts, so that night I banged on his wall and made ghost noises.  In the morning he said he got no sleep.


Once I ran into a glass door at the mall and the glass cracked everywhere. I love marshmallows that are completely burned. My dog tries to catch mice, and when she does, she eats them. I hate video games. I could pop bubble wrap for three hours straight and I wouldn’t get bored. People tell me that cracking knuckles can give you arthritis but I know that’s a lie. I find grating cheese extremely satisfying. I love dogs, but I hate cats I think.  Cats are so boring. I have an addiction for jumping off things. I hate the smell of air freshener. I love to scrape the frosting off oreos and eat the frosting separately. I hate bananas.