New York Jets vs Carolina Panthers

Just recently in November my dad brother and I all went to a Jets game against the Panthers. It was a surprise for my brother and I we didn’t know until we saw MetLife stadium. We got their two hours before the game to see the tailgaiters and have a look around the stadium and also watch the players warm up. Our seats were extremely close to the end zone so we could clearly see the touchdowns in front of us, but it was hard to see the plays on the other side of the field. In the game we were rooting for the Jets even though they lost. It was an extremely close game, but the Panthers did end out beating them with a last minute punt return touchdown. One of the plays was clearly a catch and a touchdown for the Jets, but it was over ruled as a incomplete catch that was what lost the game for the Jets. The highlights of the game for me was when Robby Anderson caught a ball one handed while guarded by three people, another one was seeing Cam Newton (the Panthers quarterback) flip over the three defenders for a two point conversion, just seeing Cam Newton would be good enough for me. I hope that the Jets do good this season and I get to see another game. Comment what NFL team you root for.

This is a picture of Cam Newton flipping into the end zone.




Future Blogging

I haven’t include this in any of my other posts but in the near future I will be blogging about sports. More specifically, football and my favorite team, the New York Jets, and my favorite basket ball team, the Golden State Warriors. My favorite player on the Warriors is obviously Stephen Curry because of how well he can shoot threes. My favorite Jets player is the rookie receiver Robby Anderson (at a Jets game I saw him catch a 47 yard TD triple guarded, I’ll make a separate post about that.) I will be blogging about my football team, the Raiders soon and also my basketball team the Sharks.

Stay active to see my next post.