Capstone Blog Post 2

Capstone is going very well for me. I have done lots of research and I have recently done my interviews. I interviewed two people for my capstone.

The first interview was with Sandy Jacobs, the producer of Hamilton. The second interview was with Travis Griesler, the director of The Cher Show. I interviewed them because they are experts in my topic and they have worked on famous plays. I got the interview with Sandy Jacobs because I know someone who knows him and they sent me a phone number. I got the interview with Travis Griesler because my mom found him on the internet.

They both gave me a lot of information and had such detailed answers that I didn’t have to ask all the questions I had prepared. They both used metaphors to help me understand their roles. Travis was very vocal and enthusiastic and Sandy was more serious. A few times Sandy asked me to repeat my question slower because I was speaking too fast. I learned to slow down when I am talking. We set a day and time with both interviewees and I called them at the specified time.

I faced some challenges when finding a person to interview. We knew people who knew people but we weren’t sure they were going to agree to be interviewed. We didn’t want to put people on the spot so we started looking for backups. But, luckily, both of them responded and agreed to be interviewed. Another challenge that I faced during my first interview was that I kept losing my place in my list of interview questions which caused a silent pause before I could ask the next question. I learned from this and in my second interview, I crossed out each question as I asked it so I kept my place the whole time.

I learned a lot, but the most interesting thing I learned was probably that 80% of the plays fail and it is very rare to have a successful play.

Capstone Blog Post #1

For Capstone, my topic is backstage at a Broadway play. My main inquiry question is “What are the most important jobs backstage during a Broadway play?  My five sub-questions are:

  1. What does the director do, and why is it important?
  2. What does the set designer do, and why is it important?
  3. What does the casting director do, and why is it important?
  4. What does the choreographer do and why is it important?
  5. What does the music writer do and why is it important?

My main inquiry question wasn’t too hard to come up with because I already have a strong interest in plays. Ever since I was little my grandma used to take me to Broadway plays. So naturally I wanted to do something about them for Capstone. It was challenging to figure out what my main inquiry question should be, though, because I knew what my topic was, but not how I would turn that into a project. My teacher helped a lot with the main inquiry question to make it more specific about how the different jobs work and contribute to the success of the play. Once we together came up with the main inquiry question,  I made the sub-questions.

I’ve learned a lot about myself as a learner so far. One thing that I learned is that sometimes it is helpful for me to brainstorm with someone to come up with ideas, like I did with Ms. Edwards.  


My Rocketry Experiences

Over the last 2 weeks we have been working on rocketry. We have only researched and done our inspiration board so far but we will be doing much more. Read more of this post to find out.

First in this unit we did research. A lot of research. It was boring but we had to do it. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to do the fun stuff later in this unit. That stuff hasn’t even happened yet but still, in the future I wouldn’t be able to do stuff I will do in the future like the rocket launch.

Making the inspiration board was fun but frustrating. It was fun because you did art and printed put images and cut and glued them on but frustrating because there was one person in the group who wasn’t helping at all and some people kept deleting images and stuff




Identity Bags and Identity Maps

This week we have been working on identity bags and identity maps. I think they are both very fun and really interesting. In the identity bags every person gets to bring in 5 – 8 things that are part of their identity. We share them with the rest of the class and we learn a lot about others from them. The identity maps. In the identity maps we make some kind of design with a lot of shapes and in each shape we write one thing about our identity. We can do whatever we want as long as we have room to write in them.


In the identity bags I learned that I like donuts a lot. I learned this because I brought in a giant donut. (It’s a pillow) I learned so much about my classmates too. About their interests and siblings, friends, etc.  In the identity maps I learned that I have a lot of great ideas. I used very creative shapes and drawings to write. I learned a lot about my classmates from what they wrote too.

Ignite Talk Presentation

On Thursday, June 13 2019, we did an ignite talk in our school’s computer lab. We had been preparing for weeks and finally, it paid off. Now, you will hear about my strengths, weaknesses and everything about the experience.

So, first, me strengths. I think the whole public speaking thing was my biggest strength. I have been doing plays at Random Farms since 3rd Grade so I have pretty much mastered speaking in front of an audience.

My weakness was remembering everything I had to say. I was 16th out of 23 students so I had time to think about my lines before I went up. I went over my lines A LOT before I went up. We had shortened it to 7 slides per student. That meant every student got 1 minute and 45 seconds to say everything they had to say. It wasn’t as much time as a real 5 minute ignite, but it was still enough time. And still, on the last slide I forgot my line “We also read a great book called King George What Was His Problem. It showed the funny side of the American Revolution,” Instead I said “We also read king george what was his problem. Um… Um… It was nonfiction um… but it was still funny,”

I thought it felt very scary to walk up there and see everyone staring at you. It felt weird when Mr. Casal pointed at me to start, but it felt great when I had finished.

Thanks for reading this post. If you want to see everyone’s ignites, you can! They are on Youtube! Search HeathcoteTech on youtube and you might just see them!

Weinberg Nature Center Reflection.

We went on a field trip to the Weinberg Nature Center. I thought it was kind of boring. My favorite thing was leaving because it just felt so good to leave that place!!!! I hated it. I think it was so boring.

I will probably not do anything in my life differently because of this because everything I learned about saving the earth and stuff, I already had known since preschool. (What we learned about saving the earth is two words. Don’t litter)


American Revolution #1

I really like this unit on the American Revolution, but my favorite part to learn about is the Boston Tea Party. I like learning about why King George started taxing the colonists and that he started to tax them on something they loved. TEA. The colonists did not want to pay them and the king started sending over tax collector after tax collector. Until there were a lot of them. The colonists started torturing and being mean to the tax collectors. When the king started to tax tea, the colonists were furious and would not pay. They decided they could live without tea and threw tea overboard.

Final Wonder Reflections

This is the last in a series of reflections on the book “Wonder”

I learned from finishing the book “Wonder” that it doesn’t matter what someone (a lot) of people think about you. If they don’t like that you are you, then they are the ones that are (very) wrong. I think that the precept “When Given The Choice Between Being Right And Being Kind… Choose Kind,” I think this means that if you have a choice to be right about one thing or to be a kind person, not just do one kind thing, choose kind. But, the part that is kind of confusing is that, if you choose kind, you are right, so the kind option is right! So, the other option isn’t important to the precept at all. Because, if you pick the other one, you are the different one.

Read Aloud Reflection – Wonder – 3

This is the 3rd in a series of posts about the book Wonder.

August is done with his first day of school. Now, it is halloween! August is very excited.

Why is halloween a positive thing for August?

I think halloween is a very positive thing because no one will see his face. Well, they might. But, they’ll think it’s just a costume.