Rocket Launch #1 Reflection

After a lot of hard work, we made it to launching our rockets. We went through research, making passion boards, naming our group, designing the rocket and building it. It was fun, but my group did have some rough times when we didn’t agree. When we launched, all groups were successful meaning that no rockets blew up, broke or got terribly damaged. The worst damage that was done to my rocket was that the nose cone dented, but that’s nothing compared to what happened to some other classes rockets. My rocket went super high and so did all of the others. Launching the rockets was hard work for my teacher because she had to control 22 children outside. To make her life easier, we all had jobs. I was the pumper in my group. That meant that I had to pump a bicycle pump to 50 psi. After I pumped, the countdown person made sure everyone was ready, than counted down from 10. Once he/she got to 1, the launcher pushed the button that sent the rocket into the air. The last job was the video person. The video person recorded the rocket launch. Everyone also had to be a clinometer and a data recorder. I used the clinometer to see the angle of another groups rocket when it was launched. When I recorded data, I wrote down the angle of another groups rocket when it was launched. Now, we have to make repairs and change something about our rocket so that when we launch again, the rocket goes even higher than before. I’m loving the rocketry unit so far and am looking foward to launching again soon.

Colonial America – Pt 3 – Finished Building

Today is a big day in New Foursten. Our colony is almost fully built. It took long days and hard work but we pulled through are almost finished. Katherine helped her father, John plant the crops and straighten the fence on their farm, this morning, while the others built their homes and shops. I built my office and with the help of John, my house.

New Foursten is big. We have an ocean near by and PLENTY of land for the children to play on and for Luke to hunt.

I read in the paper that there may be a storm approaching. I hope it doesn’t hit us hard because it could ruin our colony. Then we would have to rebuild everything!

I feel very bad for Katherine. She doesn’t have time to make new friends. Or well, the other kids don’t have time to make friends with her. The other girls are cooking with their mothers, the other boys are building with their fathers. She has no mother and John is building so I am taking care of her.

Only One You – Book Review


Everything is done for a reason

This book reminds me of the song “Heal the World”. It makes me think about how people should treat the world in a better way and make it look nicer than it was when you found it.

Make the world better than before

Enjoy your world and what you have for as long as you can. The advice that this book gives you could have been helpful whenever I was learning something new.

Be kind to what your given

I also thought this book said that you should do what you believe in and what you think is right.

Don’t let anybody say you can’t


In class we are reading Stargirl. It is a very interesting. It is about a girl named Stargirl. Stargirl isn’t afraid to be herself. Instead, she dresses differently than others, sings in the lunch room, and is herself. Some people think different is a bad thing to be. It isn’t. I am actually jealous of people who can be themselves wherever they are. I can be myself at home and sometimes at camp, but otherwise it is harder for me than I would like it to be. Stargirl is a very inspiring book. It is teaching me that no matter what other people think, I can be myself, and so can anyone who believes in his/herself.

Colonial America – pt 2 – Persona

In class we are doing Colonial America. I am a doctor named Dayna Bone. I am 19 years old and now, an only child. Growing up my parents thought that they should slap my wrists when I did bad things. I needed to bandage my bruises from being hit, that is how I learned about medical things. I tried to stay out of the house as much as possible. When I left the house I would work with sick people and learn methods doctors use. As you could probably tell, I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. One day I came home to my parents very angry and upset. My 2 year old brother, David, who got ALL of the attention, had just passed away from Scarlet Fever. Of course my parents blamed me. They thought I had to have given it to poor David since I was always with sick people. I hadn’t done anything. I never worked with anyone who had Scarlet Fever.

When I was home, I would play with my dog. My parents hated all animals so when I found an adorable stray puppy I hid it in a box behind the sink, this was a place my parents rarely went. I decided to name my dog Lady. I named her after an old women that I met while working one day. She didn’t tell me her real name, when I asked she said “Call me Lady” I thought it seemed rude but she was happy with it, so that’s what I called her. The next time I went to visit her she wasn’t there. As I left a young man told me that she was his grandma and she went back home. That was the end of Lady.

When I heard that a boat was leaving England I signed up right away. I needed to get far away from my family. Although England will always be home, starting a new colony seemed much more exciting. I mean, England was so boring. Nothing exciting ever happened. I can’t wait to know what life in the new colony will be like! In my colony I think that my doctor skills will really pay off. People always get Scarlet Fever, Yellow Fever and many other contagious diseases. Being a doctor in a colony would also be fun. I get to help people, which I’ve always wanted to do.

Colonial America – pt 1 – Overview

In class we are doing a project on Colonial America. Our teacher is letting us lead the project. She isn’t telling us what to do, instead she is guiding us. We are separated into groups of 7 or 8. It is hard to be in groups with so many people. Sometimes we struggle with agreeing on everything. In each group we have our own jobs, I am a doctor. In my colony we have a trader, a farmer, a cartographer, a governor, a governor’s apprentice, a child and a blacksmith. After doing research on our jobs we will build a colony. My colony is in the Middle colonies. We have four seasons because we are near New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our colony is called New Foursten. I can’t wait to build our colony!