What I Learned About Electromagnets

One day my teacher said “every one for homework you will be doing a blog post about:

What I learned:

  • electromagnets are temporary. They are temporary because if you disassemble it, it won’t be a magnet because there is no power source
  • I learned that the less wire you wrap around the bolt, the less the electromagnet will attract.

My questions:

  • how do magnets repel each other?
  • why do magnets stick to each other?
  • why does electricity help magnets stick to other things?


At school, during science, my class made, electromagnets! My teacher said “Join with your since groups then split your group in two unless  your the 3 group. What we did with our partners is, we got a bolt and raped wire around it making sure we didn’t over lap it or it wont work. Then we took a battery and stuck it in a battery holder with clips on the side. After  and that we clipped the wire to the clips and that,s how we made a magnet! then we tested it on paper clips and it actually worked! magnets are really cool!:)


I learned about magnets! Magnets are really fun to learn about. Hear are some things I learned about:

Not all magnets repel when the same sides go together. another thing that I learned about magnets is that magnets don’t have to be metal they can be anything that sticks together by electricity. The biggest magnet is the world! One last thing I learned is that gravity acts like a magnet but not.I learned all that stuff by the since stations my class and I did! the picture is about one station. so if you don’t like magnets you shoud rethink because magnets are really cool!  🙂

Family Photos in Lake Tahoe

“Ya!” I was on vacation!!! It was summertime. I was in Lake Tahoe with my big family. I love lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe’s mountains are so pretty.

You can go tubing in the summer or in the spring! If you are there in the fall or in the winter, you can go ice skating, skiing, or you can go sledding! You can do anything you want, but I’m just giving you suggestions.

Anyway, it was an exciting day in lake Tahoe. Why? Because it was a family photo day! Not a regular photo day, about a 30 people photo day! With a professional photographer. We drove to the place to meet her and get our photos taken.  The first photo was with all of us sitting on a big log. After we did the same thing but missing Jose. Jose is my Aunt’s boyfriend who came. 

Then we did group pictures.  The first group picture was with the Grandchildren and Grandparents.

After that, we did individual pictures and photos with our inside families

Then we went to a nearby dock and took more group pictures.  It was so pretty to see the mountains with the big lake. 

Finally, my mom said, “It’s time to go home.” “Not yet!” I cried. “I WANT MORE PICTURES!”  But my mom said to come on so I had to go. But it was so fun anyway.