Hunger Games – Catching Fire: Jot 1

I think the Capitol is being very ignorant, cowardly and nervous. They are being ignorant and cowardly because they are destroying anything (Big or small) that may start an uprising. They don’t take one second to consider it might be wrong. For instance one time, Katniss was talking about Rue (One of her allies) and one person from the district whistled Rue’s tune to show that he was a friend of Katniss. Then a bunch of peacekeepers came and killed under the Capitols orders.

They are nervous because if there is another uprising then there will be chaos and the Capitol will probably be destroyed and they won’t have power any more.

Those reasons are why I think the Capitol is being Ignorant and Stupid.


Book Clubs: The Black Thorn Key Blow up Jot

In “The Black Thorn Key” I think Nathaniel Stubb killed Master Benedict. I think this because all the clues lead up to him. These clues are:

  1.   Stubb wants the ingredients and recipes that Master Benedict has and if Master Benedict dies then Stubb might get the recipes (this is also a motive).
  2.  Stubb had an argument with Benedict and threatened him.
  3.  Master Benedict came home after being attacked the night after the argument with Stubb.
  4.  Stubb came in as soon as he heard the news that Benedict was dead, but not to mourn. To get the ingredients.

All these clues prove that Stubb killed Master Benedict.

KingDa Ka

The Kingda Ka opened at Six Flags Great Adventure today and I REALLY want to go on it. The way I’m going to go on it is, I’m going to go on most of the other roller coasters in Six Flags and then last I’m going to go on the Kingda Ka.

Here’s some information about the kingda ka:

Speed: 128 mph

Height: 456 ft

Length: 3,118 ft

Time: 3.5 seconds

Inside of a Hard Drive

A month ago my dad was fixing his computer and he was about to throw away his hard drive and I asked him for it and he gave it to me. I opened it up with a screw driver and studied it with a magnifying glass. This is what it looks like.

Inside of a Hard Drive

I think the orange computer chip is transferring the data to the brown strip. Then, the  brown strip transfers the data to the little needle. I think the needle has a chip in it so it can transfer the data to the disc and both disc’s store the data.

The way people get their data back from their computer is, they unscrew the disc from the hard drive and put it in a new hard drive.

I think that is how a hard drive works. I am going to do research on it so that I can find out how a hard drive actually works.