Rocketry Measurement Tools

This is the clinometer we will use in class.

Today in class we learned about clinometers and trundle wheels.

The clinometer measures the angle something is a and then you convert it in to meters. The way it works is, there is a little eyehole, and you follow the object you are measuring, up until you reach it’s end. When you reach the end you pull a trigger and a built in arrow will point to some number on the bottom of the clinometer. After that you let the trigger go and see what number the arrow is pointed to. Whatever number it is, is the degree of the angle.






The trundle Wheel measures meters. There is a wheel that you put on the ground and walk with. Each time you pass a meter the trundle wheel will click. You count the number of clicks you hear to know you’ve passed a meter.

This is the trundle wheel we will be using in class.

We will be using these because we need to measure how high our Rockets go in Rocketry and how far we are when we are measuring the angle.

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