Constitution project

In class we are doing a constitution project. We have two cubes that we roll to find out what topic we have and how we will present it. My topic is technology of the constitutional era. We had to go more into detail about the invention we were going to talk about so I  picked a suspension bridge. I will present my information by using an app called “Explain Everything” Where we label and caption pictures and videos. And since I really like to build my teacher let Me build a model of a suspension Bridge. I am making it mostly out of wood and I am using some cement, metal wire, and screws. I am going to start building today. I just hope I will finish in time.

Redesigning our Rocket

This is our revised rocket

After the first launch my group had to redesign our rocket. Our first step was to analyze the problem. Our problem was that our wings were unbalanced. This was because we only had 2 wings. We also thought it was a little top heavy so we had a lot of debates of if we should keep the extension we had before or take off. We decided we would cut it shorter and put it on the rocket. But we also didn’t know if we should 3D print our nose cone or keep the one we had before. At the end we decided we would add more wings, take away the extension, and 3D print our nosecone. Redesigning was actually very fun and I cannot wait to launch our revised rocket.