Coronavirus Outbreak – Current Events

The Coronavirus outbreak has infected many people. 2700 people to be exact, and has killed at least 81 people. This deadly virus began in Wuhan, China and experts have said tests have confirmed where the virus started affecting people. In Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, the virus jumped from animals to humans. The market has sold many different types of wildlife and the virus was said to have been connected to the trading of wild animals. To reduce mass gatherings, China pushed back the holidays and postponed the reopening of school. Chinas health minister has said the country is entering a crucial stage where the ability of the virus to spread is getting stronger.

I think that the precautions the government have taken for the outbreak and the procedures they have used may be slightly effective, there could have been ways to prevent this virus from spreading. If people had been more cautious with the wild animal trade, there could have been a different outcome. People should be more aware about what they are selling and purchasing. If people had been more aware of what they were selling and purchasing from this market, the virus may not have spread so dramatically. I also believe that modern transportation also makes this virus so easy to spread and harder to track down. 1 contaminated person could travel across the world in an airplane and infect people not he plane as well as people from the place they are traveling too. Cars and buses could also infect people with their recycled air and closed quarters. This is why China limiting the transportation could be effective on limiting the amount of people exposed to the virus. Overall, I think China has one the best they could at limiting the spread of the virus and locating the cause.