June 4th

In todays world, racism is a real problem. It is a disease that infects and affects other people. I think racism sparks mostly from ignorance and lack of education, but also the way someone grows up. I think in todays society we have begun to normalize police brutality against people of color, and I think the death of George Floyd has sparked something in society and we are starting to make a change wether it’s with riots or peaceful protests. Although the riots are destructive, people of color have been fighting for change for years, and minimal change has occurred. When you and your family have been victims of oppression for so long, there is eventually a breaking point and I think we’ve reached it. Large businesses can rebuild their buildings, but the lives of victims will never be rebuilt. Our government and citizens have to focus on what to prioritize. For years people have been peacefully protesting and they have been ignored. Now, people are calling more attention to this subject, and the government is starting to listen. I think we need to figure out ways to call the governments attention in a better way rather than putting them against us, but they need to start showing signs of change first.

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