Rocketry Measurement Tools

This is the clinometer we will use in class.

Today in class we learned about clinometers and trundle wheels.

The clinometer measures the angle something is a and then you convert it in to meters. The way it works is, there is a little eyehole, and you follow the object you are measuring, up until you reach it’s end. When you reach the end you pull a trigger and a built in arrow will point to some number on the bottom of the clinometer. After that you let the trigger go and see what number the arrow is pointed to. Whatever number it is, is the degree of the angle.






The trundle Wheel measures meters. There is a wheel that you put on the ground and walk with. Each time you pass a meter the trundle wheel will click. You count the number of clicks you hear to know you’ve passed a meter.

This is the trundle wheel we will be using in class.

We will be using these because we need to measure how high our Rockets go in Rocketry and how far we are when we are measuring the angle.


In class we are doing a rocketry project. We build and design our own rockets. We work in groups of four. This is a little frustrating for me sometimes, because, I am used to building alone. So far, we have done/made, Inspiration boards, brainstormed ideas for our designs and made prototypes. I am surprised with all the freedom we have with this project. I have heard from different classes that say they have to use specific materials.

I’m proud of the ways we thought of materials and how we thought of ways to make the rocket fly higher. I’m also proud of how we included these ways when we were thinking about materials and shapes. I’m looking forward to putting everything together and building our rocket that we are determined to get high.

I already had an interest in rocketry and the fact that we got to do it in school made me ecstatic. At first I thought it was going to be sort of competitive but after watching the old rocketry video, I realized groups actually help other groups to make their rockets great. This rocketry unit has been super fun and I can’t wait to launch our rockets.


In class we were studying ecosystems to make a PSA. We had to do major research and we worked so hard to make these videos really good. I had to figure out the perfect music and what notes to play but overall I really liked it. I think everyone in my class worked really hard and that this project was really fun.  My PSA is about saving the tundra.

Hunger Games – Catching Fire: Jot 1

I think the Capitol is being very ignorant, cowardly and nervous. They are being ignorant and cowardly because they are destroying anything (Big or small) that may start an uprising. They don’t take one second to consider it might be wrong. For instance one time, Katniss was talking about Rue (One of her allies) and one person from the district whistled Rue’s tune to show that he was a friend of Katniss. Then a bunch of peacekeepers came and killed under the Capitols orders.

They are nervous because if there is another uprising then there will be chaos and the Capitol will probably be destroyed and they won’t have power any more.

Those reasons are why I think the Capitol is being Ignorant and Stupid.


Book Clubs: The Black Thorn Key Blow up Jot

In “The Black Thorn Key” I think Nathaniel Stubb killed Master Benedict. I think this because all the clues lead up to him. These clues are:

  1.   Stubb wants the ingredients and recipes that Master Benedict has and if Master Benedict dies then Stubb might get the recipes (this is also a motive).
  2.  Stubb had an argument with Benedict and threatened him.
  3.  Master Benedict came home after being attacked the night after the argument with Stubb.
  4.  Stubb came in as soon as he heard the news that Benedict was dead, but not to mourn. To get the ingredients.

All these clues prove that Stubb killed Master Benedict.

KingDa Ka

The Kingda Ka opened at Six Flags Great Adventure today and I REALLY want to go on it. The way I’m going to go on it is, I’m going to go on most of the other roller coasters in Six Flags and then last I’m going to go on the Kingda Ka.

Here’s some information about the kingda ka:

Speed: 128 mph

Height: 456 ft

Length: 3,118 ft

Time: 3.5 seconds


I love riddles and brain teasers. They are so fun to solve. One of my favorites is Einstein’s riddle which is pretty hard to solve. Me, my dad and my cousin figured it out, but it took almost 3 hours. It was super fun.

Watch this video to find out what the riddle is and maybe try to figure out the answer yourself. The answer is in the video if you want to find out yourself, as it says in the video, remember to pause it.

Zip lining

A few years ago me and my family went to Costa Rica and went Zip lining over the Rain Forest. It was SO FUN! You went so fast you got tears in your eyes, and Sometimes you got stuck in the middle and you had to get to the other side by turning backwards and go hand over hand to the other side. There was also hiking involved and it was HARD. You had like 5 pounds of metal on you going up hill in a hot/humid rain forest. But all that was worth it. At first you’re scared because it’s so high, but then, after the first zip line, it’s super fun. At the end there are fields (and water).

Here’s a video of someone zip lining:

Hope you enjoyed your virtual zip lining.


Rip Ride RockIt Rollercoaster Universal Orlando

On February break I went to Universal Orlando. We went on a bunch of rollercoasters but one of my favorites was the “Rip Ride Rockit” rollercoaster. It was AMAZING! You start off like any roller coaster, going to the drop. Then suddenly you’re looking at the sky, without moving your position. Once you are at the top, you speed down. You hear the wind rushing past your ears and other people screaming. You go through a twirly loop. and after the drop you don’t slow down until the end. Once you’re off you have to take a few seconds to regain your balance and make sure you don’t vomit. You also have messy hair so you need to fix it ( or not, I didn’t).

This is the loop.
This is the drop


This is what it looks like going to the top of the drop.