Bystander Book: Club Jot 2

Eric says griffin is like a brick. He has no feelings. Instead of a brick I would compare him to a ghost. I think this because, ghosts have no sense of life near them and don’t have an idea of what is happening around them. Griffin, on the other hand, doesn’t care about life near him. He only cares about what he wants to do, who he wants to do it to, and when. Or he cares about, what he wants, who he wants to get it for him and when. Both ways are bad. He also seems very far and distant sometimes, like ghosts. That is why I would compare griffin to a ghost.

Book Club: Bystander Jot 1

Eric probably feels like he’s fallen and can’t get back up. This is important because this might make him mad or weak. If he gets mad then he might take his anger out on everybody else. Then eventually he will probably become the bully. ┬áIf he gets weak then he might be the target of bullying. This is because the bullies look at weak kids and think “fresh meat.” It”s like predator and prey. The predator looks at prey and think “dinner is served” it’s the same with bullies. This can become a big social issue for Eric.