My Poem

Poems are short word groups that may sometimes convey an important message, or a regular message, or no message at all. It could just some enjoyable funny poem. This was one of those enjoyable poems. I wrote it because I decided to do something productive for once. Here it is:

      Did see the moon glowing bright?

Or hear the crickets throughout the night

      Did you see the sun just rise? 

Or hear the hawk’s victorious cry

       Did you even think to hear

The music the birds bring to our ears?

I hope you enjoyed my quick poem. And you may have seen a message which I have not seen. If it is a good one, that you think could transcend into life, remember it and keep it with you.


I love riddles and brain teasers. They are so fun to solve. One of my favorites is Einstein’s riddle which is pretty hard to solve. Me, my dad and my cousin figured it out, but it took almost 3 hours. It was super fun.

Watch this video to find out what the riddle is and maybe try to figure out the answer yourself. The answer is in the video if you want to find out yourself, as it says in the video, remember to pause it.

Zip lining

A few years ago me and my family went to Costa Rica and went Zip lining over the Rain Forest. It was SO FUN! You went so fast you got tears in your eyes, and Sometimes you got stuck in the middle and you had to get to the other side by turning backwards and go hand over hand to the other side. There was also hiking involved and it was HARD. You had like 5 pounds of metal on you going up hill in a hot/humid rain forest. But all that was worth it. At first you’re scared because it’s so high, but then, after the first zip line, it’s super fun. At the end there are fields (and water).

Here’s a video of someone zip lining:

Hope you enjoyed your virtual zip lining.


Inside of a Hard Drive

A month ago my dad was fixing his computer and he was about to throw away his hard drive and I asked him for it and he gave it to me. I opened it up with a screw driver and studied it with a magnifying glass. This is what it looks like.

Inside of a Hard Drive

I think the orange computer chip is transferring the data to the brown strip. Then, the  brown strip transfers the data to the little needle. I think the needle has a chip in it so it can transfer the data to the disc and both disc’s store the data.

The way people get their data back from their computer is, they unscrew the disc from the hard drive and put it in a new hard drive.

I think that is how a hard drive works. I am going to do research on it so that I can find out how a hard drive actually works.

Looking at colleges

My sister is starting to look at colleges. My brother is already in college so we’ve seen a few already. Next week my family (other than my brother obviously) are going to go to Georgetown. My cousin goes there but she’s on break, so we have to get a tour from someone else. I think we have been there before but my sister barely remembers it so we have to go again. It might not be so boring and I can get a head start on looking at colleges (even though I’m too young). But the good thing is we don’t have to go for too long and we get to see our other cousins.

Georgetown University