Graphic Novel: Bob in the Woods

In class, we are doing a graphic novel unit. We got to read graphic novels and make our own. It was really fun, but it was a long process.

The process:

First, I had to have an Idea. Since we only had a few weeks, I didn’t want something that would just keep on going. So I chose a groundhog that lives in the woods near our school for my character. Next I had to make a story and immediately I thought, villain and hero. But sometimes you can be your own hero and that’s what I wanted to do. So, I made a small problem over food. I had a story, now I needed a draft.I spent a lot of time on my draft, probably more than I needed to. But, eventually, I just did stick figures for my draft instead of detailed drawings, and brief pieces of text. Finally, it came to actually making the graphic novel. I had to really focus on this because, I am horrible at drawing. I can’t draw a good stick figure! But after I had feedback I got the hang of it.

My reflection:

I think my writing skills have improved through this project because, with a graphic novel I could’t put in all the details. I had to show emotions and actions through the illustrations. The writing is only dialogue. But, even with the problems,  I think this project was fun because it was different. I got a practice at art, and I practiced writing a fictional story that is completely made up. My reading was a little different. It was hard at first switching from one format to another because I was used to the regular novel form. So as you would expect, I kind of got bored. But then, after finding the right type of story and books, I kind of liked it. Yes, there were a few books I didn’t like, but I got through them.

Right here is my graphic novel. If you cannot find it for some reason, you will find mine and a lot more here,

A Long Walk to Water Questions #2

As you already know in class we are reading A Long Walk to Water. This blog post is about Salvas philosophy and perseverance.

Salva’s philosophy, to manage things ‘bit by bit, one step at a time’, could help me in life because it is basically saying don’t go too fast. In life, you don’t want to rush in anything. Whether you’re taking a test or just doing something hard. You should slow down and think about what you’re doing. You should think in pieces and steps. Here’s a way to describe this: Imagine that you and a friend were walking. You were walking to a candy store. It was very hot, and your friend wanted to get there first. So, he rushed ahead. While he bolted for the candy store you took your time. By the time you got there your friend was still panting and sweating like a maniac while you were cool and still got the same thing at the end, just in a better condition. Most people would probably pick the one where you still had your breath. If not, I don’t think you like this philosophy too much.

Perseverance is important because life is not complete without it. You need to persevere to do something. If Einstein hadn’t persevered to find the Theory of Relativity, we wouldn’t even see the world the same way we do now. If the 13 colonies hadn’t persevered, The would still be a part of England!  Sometimes you just have to persevere to survive. Salva is a great example of this. This is because he had to keep on going to get to Ethiopia and after that, Kenya. In the book, it states that to get to Kenya from Ethiopia it took 1 1/2 years. That takes A LOT of perseverance. This is a very important example because it shows the importance of perseverance very clearly.

You can better develop the ability to persevere by trying new things. You don’t go too big, just try something simple, like a new sport. Or maybe even go a little smaller and try learning about a new topic. This helps you develop the ability to persevere better because if it’s something you don’t like you can challenge yourself to follow through with your intentions. Then, even if you don’t like it, you have to try and keep on going. You have to keep on walking.


A Long Walk To Water Questions

In class, we are reading a book called “A Long Walk to Water”. It has the views of two people Nya, who is a fake person but shows the view of an everyday girl who lives in Southern Sudan  and is fighting for life walking to a far away pond two times a day to get water. Salva, a real child who is placed in the midst of the civil war between Southern Sudan and Northern Sudan. He is fighting for survival. Our teachers gave us a few questions to answer about the book these are two of them.

The qualities of effective leadership are when, the leader is brave. A leader who is filled with cowardice is not a good leader. This is because, a leader has to be someone who can protect innocent without hesitation. One who cannot do that, is not good because, a leader is at some points, a protector. This brings up another idea of, how people see a leader as. A leader is someone who has a effect on people. For example, If you have a bucket of water and a rock. If you pour the whole bucket of water on the rock at one time then, it has no effect on the rock. But, if you pour the water on to the rock, drop by drop, eventually it will have an impression made into it. This can be a good or bad impression. A good leader is the kind who goes drop by drop. Another quality of a good leader is being open minded.  This means to examine a problem from all angles. Otherwise, the leader would be biased and that would not only make him unfair but at the same time it would make that person unlikeable. These are just a few qualities of leadership.

Salva demonstrates these qualities many times in the book. One time he was brave was when he went to give the suffering men water. This is an act of bravery because he’s willing to give up their main source of life (something they have little of) to strangers that he has never met. Bravery can come in all ways. Salva’s way was, sacrifice. One time he had an open mind was after uncle’s death. His death had made it to be so that no one looked after Salva. Faced with this problem, Salva kept his face up and said “They think I am weak and useless. There is no one left to help me. They are wrong and I will prove it.”  He looked at the problem with pessimism and optimism. These are some ways Salva demonstrated these qualities. Further on in the book we will most likely fine more.

HOME of the BRAVE Question

In class we are reading a book called HOME of the BRAVE. We have had a lot of class discussions and questions. One of our questions is: Gol is a cow, but Katherine Applegate (author of Home of The Brave) also uses her as a symbol. How does Gol represent Kek’s past, present, and possibly his future?

Gol represents Kek’s past because in his past he used to herd cattle and Gol symbolizes a whole herd of cattle because one cow is like one hundred when you want it so badly. Gol represents Kek’s present because it is showing Kek’s love and hope for his family because Gol is one of Kek’s only connection to his old life. Gol also represents Kek’s future of what he might become. Gol is starting in a “new land” where he will be happy. This represents what Kek can become. Kek can start new in America. “A new land”…

Picture from: goodreads

Hunger Games – Catching Fire: Jot 1

I think the Capitol is being very ignorant, cowardly and nervous. They are being ignorant and cowardly because they are destroying anything (Big or small) that may start an uprising. They don’t take one second to consider it might be wrong. For instance one time, Katniss was talking about Rue (One of her allies) and one person from the district whistled Rue’s tune to show that he was a friend of Katniss. Then a bunch of peacekeepers came and killed under the Capitols orders.

They are nervous because if there is another uprising then there will be chaos and the Capitol will probably be destroyed and they won’t have power any more.

Those reasons are why I think the Capitol is being Ignorant and Stupid.


Stargirl: Jot 1

Stargirl is getting popular. Now she is the one with the power, not Hillary Kimble. An example of her being popular and having power is when the book says everyone (except Hillary and Wayne) showed up to the football game and usually no one came. The reason they came: Stargirl Caraway. They all came to see her because last time she came she did this sort of dance and punted the football really high. They were all hoping to see this but sadly didn’t. But when Stargirl gets invited to the team and doesn’t need to try out she’s still popular. The difference with Hillary and Stargirl is I don’t think Stargirl notices or cares that she is popular.

Stargirl is changing now, after 1 week of practicing she puts on her uniform and looks like everybody else. I think this is bad. I think this because, sometimes the way you look affects the way you act, and right now Stargirl looks the same as everyone so she might start to act like everyone. This is bad because Stargirls personality is one word. Different. Stargirl is different but that’s what makes her unique. So, if Stargirl starts acting like everyone else then, she basically just lost a peace of herself. Stargirl stands out from the crowd. Stargirl is meant to be Unique.


Be Unique






Bystander Book: Club Jot 2

Eric says griffin is like a brick. He has no feelings. Instead of a brick I would compare him to a ghost. I think this because, ghosts have no sense of life near them and don’t have an idea of what is happening around them. Griffin, on the other hand, doesn’t care about life near him. He only cares about what he wants to do, who he wants to do it to, and when. Or he cares about, what he wants, who he wants to get it for him and when. Both ways are bad. He also seems very far and distant sometimes, like ghosts. That is why I would compare griffin to a ghost.

Book Club: Bystander Jot 1

Eric probably feels like he’s fallen and can’t get back up. This is important because this might make him mad or weak. If he gets mad then he might take his anger out on everybody else. Then eventually he will probably become the bully.  If he gets weak then he might be the target of bullying. This is because the bullies look at weak kids and think “fresh meat.” It”s like predator and prey. The predator looks at prey and think “dinner is served” it’s the same with bullies. This can become a big social issue for Eric.

Writing Long and Strong Jots- Character

I think that Noah and Cash are going to be enemies because they are both friends with Justin but not friends with each other. They may not turn out to be enemies because they may change because Justin might push them to be friends.

Justin is not speaking to Noah much in the book and Justin is playing more with Cash so that may push Noah to not like Cash and maybe not like Justin. Cash is already making fun of Noah but Noah doesn’t know it. Justin is in the middle but is also in a fight with Noah so he may also be a part of the teasing(Justin is caring so he probably isn’t).

But aside from that I think that Noah and Cash will be enemies and leave Justin in the middle.