El Resturante

In school, we took a grade field trip to a Peruvian restaurant. Aside from a full stomach I learned how to order in Spanish and how to say polite things in Spanish. Some of the things we learned were:

Lomo Saltado – 
Está Rica – It is delicious

Está muy buena – The food is very good

 Me pasas              Por favor? – Pass me             please.
That is just a few of the stuff we learned. The food at the restaurant was really delicious. I think my favorite was the Pollo Saltado.  I think this trip was fun because it was almost like a break. Overall this trip was really exciting and it was an interesting learning experience.

New York Hall of Science

Last week our whole grade went to the New York Hall of Science. It is a museum but it is a little different. It is an interactive museum.We got to do a lot of pleasurable activities. For instance there was a game room with a rock wall and a surf simulator. It would inflate up an it would feel like we were on a wave. There was a bubble room where we would pull a rope and it would create a giant rectangular bubble. There was also a space exhibit where we got to play a game to grab the rocks with a claw without going out of the ship. We also got to code and drive a rover, just like they would in mars except a little simpler.

We had two workshops. One was about simple machines and we got to use levers, wheels, scales and pulleys. In the second workshop we made a peg board pinball machine and everybody loved it. We used plastic and wood pieces to create a fun game to play, but it was very sad when we had to take it apart.

Overall (since I really like science) it was one of the better field trips.


This is the bubble room