Stargirl: Jot 1

Stargirl is getting popular. Now she is the one with the power, not Hillary Kimble. An example of her being popular and having power is when the book says everyone (except Hillary and Wayne) showed up to the football game and usually no one came. The reason they came: Stargirl Caraway. They all came to see her because last time she came she did this sort of dance and punted the football really high. They were all hoping to see this but sadly didn’t. But when Stargirl gets invited to the team and doesn’t need to try out she’s still popular. The difference with Hillary and Stargirl is I don’t think Stargirl notices or cares that she is popular.

Stargirl is changing now, after 1 week of practicing she puts on her uniform and looks like everybody else. I think this is bad. I think this because, sometimes the way you look affects the way you act, and right now Stargirl looks the same as everyone so she might start to act like everyone. This is bad because Stargirls personality is one word. Different. Stargirl is different but that’s what makes her unique. So, if Stargirl starts acting like everyone else then, she basically just lost a peace of herself. Stargirl stands out from the crowd. Stargirl is meant to be Unique.


Be Unique