March 5

Dust Buddies

Dust Buddies are good friends because: when one of the Dust Buddies pulls out the plug, of the vacuum cleaner, to save his friends, and to stop the vacuum, the maid almost saw the Dust Buddy. Also, when one of the Dust Buddies risks to go into the vacuum. When the Dust Buddy climbs into the vacuum cleaner, he screams: “NO!” In horror, as he sees his friends broken in pieces. And he tries furiously to put his friends back together. Then all the Dust Buddies get out of the vacuum. But then the maid plugs the vacuum back in, and. one of the Dust Buddies gets half pulled in. He has terror in his eyes. He does not want to get sucked up. Then his Dust Buddy friend pulls him half out of the vacuum. Finally, the Dust Buddy’s friend, fighting furiously to get his friend out of the vacuum, does! And the Dust Buddies are reunited! Then they suck up the maid, and throw her out of the house! And the Dust Buddy friends all cheer!


The Dust Buddies learned to never leave a friend behind! 

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4 thoughts on “Dust Buddies

  1. ejacobs

    Wow! Wonderful description of the short film Dust Buddies Becca! You did an excellent job stating your strong opinion, giving examples, using dialogue, and restating what happens in the end! I look forward to your future blogs!

  2. zrabinowitz27

    Some bunny did great. If I did not see the dust buddy film I would have known the maid is evil. NICE JOB!

  3. dweston27

    That was so powerful! I loved it! You did a great job! I really understand what you are trying to say! Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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