Launching Rocket #2

Before the launch we did interviews with each other and made clips. My group launched first and right after that we were clinometer readers. This means that we saw how high the rocket went. In our launch I was the countdown master which means that I count down from 10 then say release. I really liked my job which was way better than what I had before. After our launch I was really happy about the results. 

Building Rocket #2

We started designing our rocket remembering Newton’s Three Laws of Motion which again helped us design the rocket. Mrs. Edwards said that we could change one thing about our rocket and we chose to change our fins because last time our fins were to big and bulky. When we made our fin template we made it skinny and tall because it can cut through the air so much easier and better.

When we started building we made the body first like usual. We took the small PVC again and then rolled the paper around it. Next we traced around the paperclip holder and then folded it a certain way to make it acone. We taped it to the rocket then used measuring tape to determine were the fins will go and how far away they will be from each other. We each had a turn to hot glue the fins to the rocket. It was fun because we changed our rocket and got to build it a different way.

Building Our Rocket

My team’s name is the Rocketeers we all settled on that after wanting to be the Four Rocketeers, but that’s too cringy. We had to make our inspiration board with quotes, images, diagrams and more. We had some argument but otherwise we were great. We chose the image, printed it, cut it and then glued it. After we finished, we started designing our rocket. We designed it then redesigned it because of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Newton’s three laws of motion are Every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it. Force equals mass times acceleration [ ]. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

 Building our rocket was fun we made our fins fat and short. We spent a lot of time on our nose cone because we kept messing it up and destroying it. We all had a chance to hot glue the fins to the body. Oh and the body was so cool. We made it in such a different way than I thought. We put the PVC pipe on the table and rolled paper around it then taped itBut when our rocket was done, it was amazing.

Rocket #1 berfore and Afterlaunch


We made our nose cone small and pointy because we think it can cut through the air. All of the body’s of everyone’s were the same.  For our second rocket will will do a lot of work on the fins. We think we are going to make it five inches tall and 2 inches wide because are fins were too big and slowed the rocket down and didn’t cut enough air because our fins were three inches long and three wide. The launch was fun, except for the fact that I had to be the pumper which kida sucked but it’s fine. Our rocket went 119 feet in the air and as I watched it go up my eyes got watery because it was so high. My group and I were happy about our results.

Finishing Building

June 22, 1774


I am very happy. Why, well, my colony shan’t build any more because we have finished building and have gotten everything ready for living. I have not helped build, I just prepared dinner and gathered all the food while hunting. Whilst everybody, almost everybody helped build, I went into the wild and found some deer and pigs. It was a very nice dinner and we all celebrated all our work that we put in. Everyone was thanking me for dinner. I had never had so much attention, “Thanks Luke”, “Nice Work bud”…

I had never felt better about hunting. Everybody made me feel so good. I asked Emma if it was okay to have a speech with John and talk about how we were so exited and how we felt… 

Plant Post #1

For my group plant experiment we put seltzer instead of water.

On our manipulated variable there were four quads with four wicks seven plants with five leaves on each plant. For our controlled variable there are four quads with four wicks and four plants with five leaves on each plant.

Our group of three worked well. We all agreed on thing and were friendly.

But, if we feed the plant seltzer then the plant will die because carbonation has gas and gas kills plants.  




Colonial America – pt 2 – Persona

          My name is Luke Stone. I am 20 years old and I am a Hunter and Soldier for the Colony that I am a part of, named New Foursten. Let’s rewind. I was born as an only child. One year after I was born my mother died and I only got to be on this earth with her for a short time. My dad and I later on started to really bond together and I loved him so much. I did so with my mom as well it’s just I couldn’t show my love for her, to her. I loved to play soccer with my dad and hunt. We did not have much money so we had to hunt for our food. But my life was getting very repetitive so I decided I wanted to do something new, but there was nothing I could do that was new or different. When I turned 20 I found out there was a ship that was boarding. It was leaving to find new land. I immediately decided to go. I met some new people on the ship. I met a blacksmith who I never got the name of, a doctor named Dana, a little girl and her father who was a Cartographer and was also a farmer, a Trader who made trades, and a Governor and her daughter. We all became friends and created a colony. We decided to name it New Foursten. But we also agreed that since I had developed such great skills using weapons, I also became a soldier. 

          I started to write in a diary: My name is Luke Stone. I am 20 years old and I am a Hunter and Soldier for the Colony that I am a part of, named New Foursten. Let’s rewind. I was born as an only child…