Expert Book 3L

This is my expert book about 2018 Top Video Games.  I chose this topic because I love video games!

I put a lot of hard work into this project.  I know what one of my favorite things to do is.  That is, playing video games! Then I had to write my book.  I had to pick chapters that made sense for my topic. My topic was video games, so my chapters only focused on video games, and other stuff related to them.  Then I had to write those chapters. When I was done with those chapters, I put pictures and captions, and also did some linking, and I put a glossary to help you understand some video game words.

I hope you like my expert book on video games!  


6 thoughts on “Expert Book 3L

  1. This is a wonderful book. Thank you for sharing with me. You were very clear and full of information. I learned so much and am ready to play you. Game on! – Mom

  2. I have to say that I am very impressed with the way you wrote your presentation! I certainly learned a lot about video games, especially Fortnite, which I didn’t know before. Thank you for your good work. Love you, Dad

  3. This book is incredibly educational! My kids enjoy video games, but I didn’t know about any of the ones that you reviewed. I really liked learning about the GM role, which seems interesting as well as super fun!! You gave a lot of details, which was helpful for me as a reader. GREAT job! — Lauren

  4. I love your book! I learned so much about this game. I never heard about the game.I am looking forward to play this game!

  5. Also I did not know NBA 2k18 was so poplar! That is amazing.Also that is what I learned from your book.I think your book is the BEST!!!

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