Final Maglev Train Group #1

YES!! We finished our final maglev train. It can now carry weight. For example We put double the magnets on the track. There is a stronger magnetic force to now carry weights.

The train had no improvements. I think it was a great idea of the group and I to add extra magnets.

It was a great experience learning about the E.D.P and how magnets work. I never knew what a Maglev train was!

And I have a goal for next time I am in a group: AGREE TO ALMOST EVERYTHING!!!!

Maglev Group #1

A maglev train (magnetic levitating train)is a train that levitates using magnets. The tracks are magnetic and the bottom of the train is also magnetic. In this case, the magnets facing each other are the same poles (north to north or south to south) so the train levitates.

We tried to put five discs under the car and three strips on the track. We didn’t get it to work but we got close, we worked hard and let each other talk. We were very confident and we all said our thoughts and we are still going!

We worked very well together although we had some disagreements. But other than that we did awesome together. I think with our smart group we will do it.