Finishing Building

June 22, 1774


I am very happy. Why, well, my colony shan’t build any more because we have finished building and have gotten everything ready for living. I have not helped build, I just prepared dinner and gathered all the food while hunting. Whilst everybody, almost everybody helped build, I went into the wild and found some deer and pigs. It was a very nice dinner and we all celebrated all our work that we put in. Everyone was thanking me for dinner. I had never had so much attention, “Thanks Luke”, “Nice Work bud”…

I had never felt better about hunting. Everybody made me feel so good. I asked Emma if it was okay to have a speech with John and talk about how we were so exited and how we felt… 

Plant Post #1

For my group plant experiment we put seltzer instead of water.

On our manipulated variable there were four quads with four wicks seven plants with five leaves on each plant. For our controlled variable there are four quads with four wicks and four plants with five leaves on each plant.

Our group of three worked well. We all agreed on thing and were friendly.

But, if we feed the plant seltzer then the plant will die because carbonation has gas and gas kills plants.