Colonial America – pt 2 – Persona

          My name is Luke Stone. I am 20 years old and I am a Hunter and Soldier for the Colony that I am a part of, named New Foursten. Let’s rewind. I was born as an only child. One year after I was born my mother died and I only got to be on this earth with her for a short time. My dad and I later on started to really bond together and I loved him so much. I did so with my mom as well it’s just I couldn’t show my love for her, to her. I loved to play soccer with my dad and hunt. We did not have much money so we had to hunt for our food. But my life was getting very repetitive so I decided I wanted to do something new, but there was nothing I could do that was new or different. When I turned 20 I found out there was a ship that was boarding. It was leaving to find new land. I immediately decided to go. I met some new people on the ship. I met a blacksmith who I never got the name of, a doctor named Dana, a little girl and her father who was a Cartographer and was also a farmer, a Trader who made trades, and a Governor and her daughter. We all became friends and created a colony. We decided to name it New Foursten. But we also agreed that since I had developed such great skills using weapons, I also became a soldier. 

          I started to write in a diary: My name is Luke Stone. I am 20 years old and I am a Hunter and Soldier for the Colony that I am a part of, named New Foursten. Let’s rewind. I was born as an only child…

The Worst Trip Ever!

In Stowe, Vermont Topnotch resort we had just been on a bike ride and now coming in to the pool and hottub. My mom was at the spa and my dad was with me and my brother. I had just hopped in when we started to throw a football. Then we saw a little boy carrying a cup of cold water. He dumped it on all of us. Then I got out to go to the sauna when I saw him with a cup of scalding hot water, I said “Don’t play with that it’s hot and dangerous.”

Then as I walked into the sauna I felt something hit my back. “AAAAAHHHHHHHH, dad it burns it burn a lot.” And as I got burned I was turning around to go to the lobby when I saw the same kid that I told not use that hot water. The cup was tilted, it was empty, and my whole back had been burned.

We were  in the lobby when a women said “You should call an ambulance.”

My dad told her that that wasn’t helping but then his mind changed when she to him she was a pediatrician. The ambulance took a few minutes to get there during then I was putting on anti – burn cream witch by the way didn’t make it burn less. The ambulance had arrived and my mom had to come out of the spa, even though she was half way through it. Also I had to go to the hospital witch was kinda fun. I mean that I got burned. I watched TV and had a popsicle.

Final Maglev Train Group #1

YES!! We finished our final maglev train. It can now carry weight. For example We put double the magnets on the track. There is a stronger magnetic force to now carry weights.

The train had no improvements. I think it was a great idea of the group and I to add extra magnets.

It was a great experience learning about the E.D.P and how magnets work. I never knew what a Maglev train was!

And I have a goal for next time I am in a group: AGREE TO ALMOST EVERYTHING!!!!

Maglev Group #1

A maglev train (magnetic levitating train)is a train that levitates using magnets. The tracks are magnetic and the bottom of the train is also magnetic. In this case, the magnets facing each other are the same poles (north to north or south to south) so the train levitates.

We tried to put five discs under the car and three strips on the track. We didn’t get it to work but we got close, we worked hard and let each other talk. We were very confident and we all said our thoughts and we are still going!

We worked very well together although we had some disagreements. But other than that we did awesome together. I think with our smart group we will do it.

Star Wars Jedi Academy

The book I recommend is”Star Wars Jedi Academy” by Jeffrey Brown

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Roan lives on Tatoonie.  His father is a pilot and he wants to be one too.  Roan takes a go at pilot school and gets rejected!  What will he do?  Roan’s mom asks him to go to plant school, but he thinks it’s boring.  Then he finds Jedi Academy.  Now he wants to be a Jedi.  Will he or will he not become a Jedi?  I think that it’s a great book because of the drawings, the language, and story type.  I hope you enjoy the book, if you read it.