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Working on final product #6
Working on are final product has been really fun because I don’t have so much deadlines to do so I don’t have as much stress to get stuff done. [...]
Answering my inquiry question #5
Resell has revolutionized the sneaker business in positive and negative ways. Two ways resell has been positive is it has made collecting rare sneakers for [...]
My Site Visit #4
My site visit went really well. The place I went to was a store called Nohble in the Bronx, NY. I talked to Christian at Nohble who has been the manager [...]
My interview #3
My interview ended up really well. The person I interviewed was Todd Kirssin, and he is the general merchandise manager at DTLR. He answered a lot of my [...]
Choosing my Main Inquiry #2
Choosing my main inquiry question was pretty easy to do it is How has resell revolutionized the shoe business. It was pretty easy to do my main inquiry [...]
Capstone Choosing topic #1
In fifth grade we are starting the biggest project of the year, it is Capstone. It was pretty easy choosing my topic because I have always had interest in [...]
Final Reflection #5
The immigration project was one of the most fun projects I have ever done. I really liked spark video because it was so fun to use and I really liked the [...]
Doing the Spark Video #4
Doing the spark video has been really fun to do so far. Now since I’m used to everything on it everything is easier for me I’ve done ten slides [...]
Preparing for Spark Video #3
Preparing for the spark video was pretty easy and sometimes hard. First we had to learn how to do it because it was new to my class I didn’t really [...]
Conducting immigrant interview #2
I have done my interview already the person that I did was Amanda, my (Housekeeper). It was hard to conduct theĀ  interview because I didn’t really no [...]
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