5 thoughts on “Colonial Mother

  1. Rebecca,
    I Love that you explained what the tools were and what they did. I also like how you explained what would happen. For example, Oh how I want to talk back to my husband, but then I’d be drowned that happened to my friend you know. You did such a good job! 🙂
    – Lucy

  2. Dear Rebecca,
    I really liked your video. You did a great job explaining how it was to be a colonial mother. You even went farther and talked about what you did when you were 16, and how you said it was a danger’s zone because you almost burnt your hand by doing that. I can not believe that if you talk back to your husband you have to drown that is really sad. I hope that your friends had a good life. You did a very good job.
    – Heather

  3. Dear Rebecca,
    Your speech was so interesting. You used so much expression and sounded like an actual colonial mother. I also like how you explained the tools you would use. I didn’t even know that colonial mothers had to use special tools. I think you made a good choice not to talk back to your husband. Getting drowned does not sound nice. I also do not think it’s fair that you made the food and you have to eat it last when there’s nothing left. The job that you had to do when you were 16 also sounds dangerous and luckily we have stoves now. Your post was so good! From,

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