Why American Retailers Love Mothers Day Almost As much As Moms!

Title:Why American Retailers love Mothers day Day Almost As Much As Moms

Date:May 9, 2018

Source :Dogo News


On Sunday may 13,many people around the world celebrate mother’s day.On mothers day there are cards jewelry chocolate and many other neat things.I will admit I do go pretty overboard when it comes to mother’s day unless you dont think a coco chanel lipstick is enough.But think about if everyone’s mother got a coco chanel lipstick for mothers day all that money added together would be a lot but that is how it already is wow!that’s what makes it the third largest holiday in the us but it keeps on growing year after year so will it ever make it to the first largest?Well what do you think.


Scientists believe that 86% of the country will make a great effort to spend a little more then $23.1 or an average of $180 thats a lot all a lot all of money together.Now in 2018 the money has increased by even more this number is out of the charts. $4.6 billion are going for a meal $2.6 billon bought flowers $2.5 billon are spent on cards $2.1 billion was spent on electronics and 2.1 billion cards such as spa day now add that up all together because I’m too lazy to and it adds up a pretty big number can I her another wow!


Now think about why your spending this much money on a new hair dryer and think about what your mom does for you. Well you have school which is also a lot of money and a house what about your awesome toys like your super expensive nintendo or your electronics.What about when you drove your mom crazy she rather live in a zoo.Then you remember the night when everything is back to normal and your mom doesn’t care about her broken phone you smashed. Well now you have a reason to pamper her for a day.


Personal response

I chose this article because I was interested in the fact that people would actually spend more than $50 on a piece of paper.It surprised me how much money and care was put into these expensive gifts.I was also chose this article because I wanted people to know that mother’s day is very important


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