Back to school!

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Hey guys! I’m back. I wanted to check in and tell you that I am going to be in touch with my blog. I will blog every week or so about what is going on, or what special events are happening. My goal is to get through 5th grade without making to much trouble. Sadly we have tons and tons of homework so I am pretty much doomed. The good thing is I have a really kind teacher, so hopefully he will let me down easy. His name is Mr. Brodsky. Recently I got a new pet lizard and this is what it looks like. Thanks for reading my post!!

Post On Doctor Strange (Light Em Up)

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I really like this song because it make me feel really alive. Comment if you like this song or if you have any other ideas about what my next post should be about.




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Octopus can shape – shift and camouflage to get away from predators. Octopus have inc sacks, they release the inc when they are threatened. Octopus have suction cups on their tentacles to help them grip rocks and other things he needs to move with. They have 3 hearts and blue blood. Octopus are invertebrates. They have no bones. They have parrot shaped beaks to help brake open shells and to protect the cartilage around its brain. The shape of an octopus’s pupil helps it see the color of things. The octopus eats its own arm only if it is really hungry. They eat small sharks, fish, crabs, and other sea creatures. Some kinds of octopus can use its suckers to open a glass jar filled with seafood snacks.

If you have a specific idea that you want me to post about just comment in the comment bar bellow. I hope you liked my post.

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Pokemon Brick Bronze

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Pokemon Brick Bronze is a video game on Roblox. You can battle and trade the pokemon you catch. Once your pokemon are high level you can go to gyms. Gyms are Buildings you go in to beat other pokemon. When you beat a gym you can go to other routs and find new pokemon. My favorite pokemon is ether Mega charizard x or Mega Salamence. You can battle other people by going to the battle coliseum. The reason you want to battle is because you get B P every time you beat someone. B P is a thing that once you get 200 of you can buy a mega stone. Mega stones allow you to mega avolve your pokemon. You can also by moves with B P. When your pokemon become high level they learn different moves. There are also shiny pokemon. Shiny pokemon are really rare. They do more damage then a normal pokemon. Sometimes there are updates. Every update a new legendary comes into the game. Legendaries are much more rare than shinies. One of my favorite legendaries is Latios.

What’s your favorite pokemon? Please comment in the comment bar below. If you have any ideas about what my next post shold be about please say in the comment bar.

Breakout EDU

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Breakout is a task where you have to break into a box in a limited time. My class had 45 minutes to break into the the small box. You have to use team work, and listen to your classmates. There were different clues hidden in the class room showing how to brake into the box. There were also different arrows pointing to different kinds of codes that we had to find out what they meant. When you finally get into the box there is sometimes a surprise in it, in our case there were  Hershey kisses in it. Our class worked well together because we listened to each others ideas and if somebody found something then we wouldn’t try to get it from them. The mane thing we did was we never gave up.


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On monday June 12 my class went kayaking in the Scarsdale pool. My favorite kayak was the Pyranha boat because we got to practice flipping over just in case when we are kayaking in rivers and we are going to hit a rock and you are out of control you can flip over. I went on some other cool kayaks like the free style kayak where we could go free style. The stand up paddle board was really fun it was cool how you could go in any direction without falling off, if you have practice of course.

Review on Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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I currently watched the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Star lord meets his dad who left earth when his mom died in the first movie. In the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie Groot dies, Rocket Raccoon plant Groot in soil and he becomes baby grout. The movies pg 13 rated. Star lord’s dad is a god. In the movie Rocket Raccoon steels special batteries from the Golden People. At the end of the movie the Golden People create a weapon to defeat the Guardians of the Galaxy for steeling the batteries. The Ravagers betray Yondu and put him and Rocket Raccoon in prison. Image result for guardians of the galaxy 2

Peter and the Star Catchers

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Currently our class has been reading “Peter and the Starcatchers”. The book is fantasy and that is why I like it. I like fantasy because I like to use my imagination a lot, well, let’s get back to subject. Peter is a young orphan around the age of 14, if some new orphan comes to the orphanage and says he or she is 17 Peter would say he was 18. Peter and the other orphans are going on a really broken ship called the Neverland. Captain Black Stash is the enemy in the book. Long Stash is the most feared pirate in the seven sea’s.

There is trunk, and in it there is the best treasure ever brought out to sea and it is for you to figure out what is inside. Captain Long Stash want the treasure for himself. The same day the Neverland went out to sea there was another ship called the Wasp, and the Wasp was a really great and very fast ship. Keep in mind that there was 2 ships going to the same place.

My favorite character in the book “Peter and the Starcatchers” is Peter. I like Peter because he is always brave, even at the scariest moments. Also he always takes risks, when the orphans were on the Neverland were hungry, Peter snuck out of their little room and went to find food. My favorite part in the book is when the Neverland is getting invaded by pirates Peter flies and throws the trunk into the ocean so Captain Black Stash can’t get it.

I hope you like my blog, if you do comment. If you recommend a book please comment and I might blog about that book.


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Tennis is my favorite sport, I play it when I am upset to get my mind of things. I like to win, but not when someone is really easy to beat. I like a challenge. My favorite players are Nadal and Fedrer because they never cheat and they are really good at tennis. I went to the US open and I saw Fedrer play.

I go to Lake isle. Usually you have to wear only white clothes but at Lake Isle you can wear anything, but you should probably wear shorts and short sleeves because it gets pretty hot. If you are loosing a tennis match do not get upset because that will just make play worse. Also you shouldn’t show that you are scared you are going to loose because that will just make your opponent more confident.

Banzai Forever

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Banzai has the best food ever! They tricks with the food, and it is delicious. Banzai deserves 5  stars. *****, it is loud, but it’s worth it. It is located on Central park avenue. There is usually room, and the food is the right price. I think the chicken and the beef is the best part, but the rice is good to. It’s a Japanese restaurant.

They do tricks with their knives and forks. The smell is delicious, but the lighting is not that good. It is hot inside because they cook in front you. The waiters are always kind, and if they don’t have something you want they will say, “I am so sorry, but we don’t have that.” It’s a great place to go with your family on a special acation. It’s open for lunch and dinner.

There is a huge bonfire in front of you, and they make a smoking volcano out of chopped onions. Sometimes the chiefs throw brockly in the air, and you can try to catch it in your mouth. If you miss the brockly and it falls on the ground it doesn’t matter.

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