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Hi, I’m Rush, and welcome to my blog. Let me tell you a little bit about my life. I like tennis, pizza, and animals. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I even have 3 pet lizards (a lot right) and don’t get me started about my sister’s pet bunny.  Trust me, if you lived in a house with 2 brothers and 2 sisters you would go crazy! I have just gotten used to how annoying they are, and I am 9 years old.


I play tennis 3 times a week and still have time to play with my pets. When I am playing tennis, I feel alive. Do you know that feeling when you go on a roller coaster and your belly feels like it has a mind of its own? Well if you do, that’s how I feel every time I play tennis. Playing tennis also wakes me up a little bit more than I am.


Every day after tennis, I go out for pizza. I eat it at my birthday parties, I even eat pizza right after school if I can. Another thing that is bad about having siblings is that when you go out for pizza, your siblings eat almost one fourth of it. IT’S NOT COOL! Pizza is my favorite food by far. When my parents ask me what I want to eat for lunch, I always say pizza.

I love animals so much! That’s why I have so many pets. I love dogs, lizards, black panthers, snakes, and more. My most favorite animal in the world is a BLACK PANTHER! I like how they stalk their prey without making a sound. I also like how they blend into the night because they’re black. I find that very fascinating. Do you? Please comment your answer in the comment bar below.
If you would like me to write about something specific, then comment. I will probably post around 1 or 2 blogs a week. I hope I will see you again in my next blog. Bye!


  1. aporosoff25 says:

    Did you know I have 4 brothers too? The three older ones eat so much pizza. Like a 1/3 of it. I don’t mind, I only eat a slice. I think that Black Panthers are cool too.

  2. kassatly says:

    Rush –
    I really enjoyed having you in our class this year! You have really grown academically. I can imagine that having that many siblings is hard right ow, but I think you are so lucky. Having a big family is the best.
    You have been such a kind and thoughtful friend and peer this year to your classmates. I know you are going to do really well next year! Don’t forget to visit and let me know what you have been up to. I will continue to watch for posts.
    Mrs. Assatly

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