Banzai Forever

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Banzai has the best food ever! They tricks with the food, and it is delicious. Banzai deserves 5 ┬ástars. *****, it is loud, but it’s worth it. It is located on Central park avenue. There is usually room, and the food is the right price. I think the chicken and the beef is the best part, but the rice is good to. It’s a Japanese restaurant.

They do tricks with their knives and forks. The smell is delicious, but the lighting is not that good. It is hot inside because they cook in front you. The waiters are always kind, and if they don’t have something you want they will say, “I am so sorry, but we don’t have that.” It’s a great place to go with your family on a special acation. It’s open for lunch and dinner.

There is a huge bonfire in front of you, and they make a smoking volcano out of chopped onions. Sometimes the chiefs throw brockly in the air, and you can try to catch it in your mouth. If you miss the brockly and it falls on the ground it doesn’t matter.


  1. scheungnaito25 says:

    I think your post is great is the price high or low? To me Banzai looks good. Does it have long waits?

  2. kassatly says:

    I love Hibacchi Japanese. I will definitely try this place! Your review makes it sound awesome!

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