Post On Doctor Strange (Light Em Up)

Jun - 22 2017

I really like this song because it make me feel really alive. Comment if you like this song or if you have any otherĀ ideas about what my next post should be about.    


Jun - 20 2017

Octopus can shape – shift and camouflage to get away from predators. Octopus have inc sacks, they release the inc when they are threatened. Octopus have suction cups on their tentacles to help them grip rocks and other things he needs to move with. They have 3 hearts and blue blood. Octopus are invertebrates. They […]

Pokemon Brick Bronze

Jun - 19 2017

Pokemon Brick Bronze is a video game on Roblox. You can battle and trade the pokemon you catch. Once your pokemon are high level you can go to gyms. Gyms are Buildings you go in to beat other pokemon. When you beat a gym you can go to other routs and find new pokemon. My […]

Breakout EDU

Jun - 16 2017

Breakout is a task where you have to break into a box in a limited time. My class had 45 minutes to break into the the small box. You have to use team work, and listen to your classmates. There were different clues hidden in the class room showing how to brake into the box. […]


Jun - 14 2017

On monday June 12 my class went kayaking in the Scarsdale pool. My favorite kayak was the Pyranha boat because we got to practice flipping over just in case when we are kayaking in rivers and we are going to hit a rock and you are out of control you can flip over. I went […]

Review on Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Jun - 14 2017

I currently watched the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Star lord meets his dad who left earth when his mom died in the first movie. In the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie Groot dies, Rocket Raccoon plant Groot in soil and he becomes baby grout. The movies pg 13 rated. Star lord’s dad […]

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