Pokemon Brick Bronze

Jun - 19 2017 | By

Pokemon Brick Bronze is a video game on Roblox. You can battle and trade the pokemon you catch. Once your pokemon are high level you can go to gyms. Gyms are Buildings you go in to beat other pokemon. When you beat a gym you can go to other routs and find new pokemon. My favorite pokemon is ether Mega charizard x or Mega Salamence. You can battle other people by going to the battle coliseum. The reason you want to battle is because you get B P every time you beat someone. B P is a thing that once you get 200 of you can buy a mega stone. Mega stones allow you to mega avolve your pokemon. You can also by moves with B P. When your pokemon become high level they learn different moves. There are also shiny pokemon. Shiny pokemon are really rare. They do more damage then a normal pokemon. Sometimes there are updates. Every update a new legendary comes into the game. Legendaries are much more rare than shinies. One of my favorite legendaries is Latios.

What’s your favorite pokemon? Please comment in the comment bar below. If you have any ideas about what my next post shold be about please say in the comment bar.

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