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Octopus can shape – shift and camouflage to get away from predators. Octopus have inc sacks, they release the inc when they are threatened. Octopus have suction cups on their tentacles to help them grip rocks and other things he needs to move with. They have 3 hearts and blue blood. Octopus are invertebrates. They have no bones. They have parrot shaped beaks to help brake open shells and to protect the cartilage around its brain. The shape of an octopus’s pupil helps it see the color of things. The octopus eats its own arm only if it is really hungry. They eat small sharks, fish, crabs, and other sea creatures. Some kinds of octopus can use its suckers to open a glass jar filled with seafood snacks.

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  1. kassatly says:

    Rush, I really enjoyed all of your posts. I love how you add pictures and links. Your page is visually interesting. Nice work!

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