Jun - 20 2017

Octopus can shape – shift and camouflage to get away from predators. Octopus have inc sacks, they release the inc when they are threatened. Octopus have suction cups on their tentacles to help them grip rocks and other things he needs to move with. They have 3 hearts and blue blood. Octopus are invertebrates. They […]

Breakout EDU

Jun - 16 2017

Breakout is a task where you have to break into a box in a limited time. My class had 45 minutes to break into the the small box. You have to use team work, and listen to your classmates. There were different clues hidden in the class room showing how to brake into the box. […]

Banzai Forever

Apr - 25 2017

Banzai has the best food ever! They tricks with the food, and it is delicious. Banzai deserves 5 ┬ástars. *****, it is loud, but it’s worth it. It is located on Central park avenue. There is usually room, and the food is the right price. I think the chicken and the beef is the best […]

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