Monthly Archives: October 2016

Writing Long and Strong on Jots – Character

Justin takes everyone’s advice. I know this because when Cash said Lumberjacks are the best but Justin disagrees with him he still takes his advice. This makes me think that Justin doesn’t like to express his own idea so instead he listens to other people. I think that since all of his friends know that he doesn’t like to express his own idea they take advantage by telling him their idea so he agrees. This also can show that Justin is sort of a weakling and he’s scared of other people. If Justin always listens to other people it might impact his life because everyone in the school might try and bully him. I think Justin should make friends with somebody who would stand up for him so Justin won’t be bullied any more. I think Justin should stop feeling embarrassed if he messes up in front of his friend. I think Justin might have a hard time in school. And people will try to be mean to him because they know Justin won’t stand up to himself. I think he will cause a lot of trouble in school because he will tell other people what somebody told him and that will create a fight. Overall I think Justin’s character traits are weak, wimpy, and scared.

Welcome to 2016-2017

It’s a brand new school year! I’m excited because I’ll be learning a lot of new things that I’ve never known before. I hope this year will be much funner than any other year. I hope to make lots of new friends and get to play more sports. I have lots of goals to achieve like learn more math, write a story that is four pages long. I want to learn new sports and play new games. I want a this year to be lots of fun, and I want to have the best teacher ever. And get to know my teacher better. I think the schools food has gone from 6 to a 10. I also hope not only myself but my friends and my family also have a great year. I want to do better in skiing and also in soccer. I hope the school year will be the greatest year I ever had. Overall I think that everyone and myself will have a happy year I also hope that everyone will a great school year too!