Welcome to 2016-2017

It’s a brand new school year! I’m excited because I’ll be learning a lot of new things that I’ve never known before. I hope this year will be much funner than any other year. I hope to make lots of new friends and get to play more sports. I have lots of goals to achieve like learn more math, write a story that is four pages long. I want to learn new sports and play new games. I want a this year to be lots of fun, and I want to have the best teacher ever. And get to know my teacher better. I think the schools food has gone from 6 to a 10. I also hope not only myself but my friends and my family also have a great year. I want to do better in skiing and also in soccer. I hope the school year will be the greatest year I ever had. Overall I think that everyone and myself will have a happy year I also hope that everyone will a great school year too!

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