Book clubs: Bystander-Jot 2

Griffin is a jerk. His way of bullying is either himself or his bully friend asks a victim to do something that doesn’t sound so bad but then before the victim is aware the victim is bullied. For example when Griffin asked David if  he wanted to play “Pretzel”, David said “Yes”. What David didn’t know that “Pretzel” was really so that Griffin could wrestle David. So when Griffin and David stared playing Griffin tried his best to hurt David.  He also likes to use school rules as an advantage like with the school no weapon rule, Griffin claims that Eric has a knife in his backpack. Even though Griffin is a bully he does have pretty sneaky ways to get away with bullying. Like taking someone that everyone thinks is weak and then turning that person into a bully and bully the person the bully wants to bully, also know as a victim. In the book the “weak person” that Griffin uses is David. Griffin thinks he’s the best but, he goes farther than that and is at the point where he thinks “Since I’m the best I’m allowed to threaten people and they have to listen to me OR ELSE”. These examples show why Griffin is a Jerk.

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