Stargirl Jot-1

In “Stargirl” I think Stargirl is trying to get the schools all fired up because she’s seen how they are, plain, non-schools spirit and lots more. One example is that during the football game at halftime when everyone was silent she ran on the field and started dancing. I think she did this to get the fans all hyped up. Stargirl’s cheerful attitude sort of makes everyone excited and happy. Another example after she stopped dancing at halftime everyone clapped. This shows that all of a sudden Stargirl just lights up and everyone goes crazy. I think Stargirl came to this school because she knew they were boring so and she wanted to help. This gives me a thought that when she is going to sing happy birthday for Hillary Hillary might light up a tiny bit and then that light will disappear or maybe the opposite will happen. This shows why I think that Stargirl’s trying to light up the school.

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