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Since my friends liked my other stereotypes videos I’ll post more for them.

Dude Perfect Stereotypes

Dude perfect may seem like a group of only very athletic people but they also have lots of humor. These videos are called  stereotypes. In these videos dude perfect do very silly things. Hope you enjoy.


I got into this song like a few weeks ago. I got into because Leo S. picked it for everyone to hear. I love the beat of the song. It’s sounds so cool. The song goes from action packed to soft. It repeats a lot. They always say “I can make your hands clap.” Hope you enjoy.

The Duck Song

I want to bring back memories for many kids because many kids know the duck song. The duck song is a very funny song that has a duck and a shopper. Hope you enjoy!

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect + Jokes awesome. This is a great combo. In this video, dude perfect does a joke competition. The game is whoever laughs at the opponents joke first loses. This video is full of jokes that are funny and some that don’t make sense. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video!

Bookclubs: Blackthorn key Long and strong

I think Master Benedict is using Christopher to help him with the murders and I think Master Benedict is in the group of assassins. In the beginning of chapter 8 when Christopher was making the burn cream, Maybe one of Master Benedict’s partner in the group of assassins got burned so Master Benedict asked Christopher to do it to act like he was the one who was burnt. I think Master Benedict’s group of assassins needed lots of magic stuff but they couldn’t make enough so Master Benedict adopted Christopher and said that he was his apprentice but he Image result for apprenticereally is using Christopher to help his group of assassins. Finally, the murders never started until Christopher was adopted.


Dude PErfect

I love dude perfect. So I want to put a few on. They do sports trick shots. They’re amazing. Dude perfect brings sports trick shots to the next level. The members are Ty, Cody, Garret, Cory and Coby. They do things that are amazing. Many people believe they don’t really make the trick shots, they just cheat but dude prefect takes that as a compliment. This means that haters of dude perfect think that there shots are so incredible that they think it’s not real. Anyways, click down below for some dude perfect videos.


I love football and I love watching highlights and I  also like epic jukes.. Click down below for a video of all of this.


I’m  inspired by Chase’s top 10 Lebron James plays. So I’m going to do top 10 Kobe Bryant plays. Hope you enjoy.

Madden 17

Since I still want to encourage everyone to play it so I will keep going.


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