Spinner Disaster

Spinner Disaster
By: Raymond

It was 10:30, it was the morning of September 14. Kid rushed to the playground only to find out that the playground spinner was closed off. The Spinner was a very enjoyed piece of playground equipment in the school. But when some kids found out the Spinner was closed, it was a big deal. The Spinner was closed due to to many kids getting hurt on it. “I was relieved when they blocked it off to work on it and make it slower because it was very dangerous when it was so fast.” Says Ms. Furgatch. “I honestly didn’t care about it, but I knew that a lot of other kids would be upset.” Says Gabi Smajlaj. After they finish making it slower, kids will be allowed to go back on it. But with a few more rules. One of these rules is a maximum of 8 people on the spinner. Other kids who aren’t the first 8 will have to make a line to go on the spinner. After a while, kids started finding other thing to do at recess. Such as play a sport, or play on the playground. If students are still paranoid about this “disaster” is unknown.

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  1. I like how you included all your interview info and you also used most of the 5w’s.

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