Watch Out!

Watch Out!

By: Raymond


It was a windy day, 12:00 at Heathcote Elementary School. 5th graders were outside playing soccer when suddenly “BANG!” Everyone turned to see what could make this big of a noise. Apparently, the wind had knocked the goal down. Lilly Tessler of class 5C was playing goalie at the time when the goal fell down. If she would’ve been any closer forward, the crossbar of the goal would’ve slammed on her head. “I hope no one got hurt” says Josh Potters of class 5C. “I was scared because I didn’t want Lilly to get hurt” says Naomi Fisher also of class 5C. We are still not sure what caused this tremendous amount of strong and powerful wind.


  1. I like how you included the most newsworthy info first and also used some of the 5w’s.

  2. This is really good. I liked how you got 2 perspectives.

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