Monthly Archives: December 2017

Rocketry Reflection

During the whole rocket process, my favorite moment was the last launch. Despite all the competitiveness, our group was really excited to see how our final launch would turn out because we had improved a lot through the experience so we were really excited to see our final results. I think the most challenging thing for us was splitting the work equally. Sometimes, some people did a little work and some did a lot. I think our group really showed the reason for doing this units, learning from your errors. For example our groups results went from around 36 feet, to 84 feet, to 113 feet. Each rocket successful impacted the next rocket positively. I learned about myself that sometimes I can be foolish but sometimes I can be really serious and hard-working. I learned that working in a group, if one person has a lack of concentration, it could affect the whole group. I learned through building, designing and launching that the lighter the rocket, the better. I also learned that sometimes, you should stick to research, not your own knowledge. For example, our entire group thought that a pointy nose cone would be the most aerodynamic, but after some research, I concluded that a round nose cone was the best. Still we couldn’t use the idea because no one agreed with me. Overall, I think the biggest moral we learned is that in a team, you must work together or you team will fall apart. I can connect this to a fable I read by Aesop. He wrote,”United we stand, divided we fall”.