Rube Goldberg Blog Post #2

For my sketch, I worked backwards from when the ball is pushed into the bin. I remembered I had a hot wheels ramp play set I got a long time ago. I decide to use that to push the ball into the bin. Next, I got a little complicated. I tried to find a way to pull a trigger on my hotwheels set to make the car go. So I decided to use a ball to make the trigger move. That wasn’t so easy to do because I would have to calculate how much force I have to use to make the trigger move. After I calculated everything, I decided to place that ball on a chair and have another ball hit that ball. That ball would come from a cardboard ramp made of 2 long cardboard roles and the ball would roll in the middle. Then I decide to make a wooden half pipe to make the ball roll on there which would make the ball on the cardboard roles move. Before that, I decided to have a marble game named,”Gravity Maze” which would trigger the ball on the half pipe to move along. Before that I had dominoes and at the start, I had a homade marble maze.

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  1. Great post! I love that you decided to work backwards in figuring out how your machine would work. What a great idea! I can’t wait to see the final project!

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