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SpaceX Launch

This rocket had many new technological parts of the rocket being tested. Even Elon Musk (the person that started Space X) himself was nervous. He said,” I didn’t really think this would work.” This launch was historic because it was named the most powerful operation rocket in the world.

My reaction to this event started out as “why am I looking at this?” But later what got me interested in the topic was the fact that he launched a Tesla with a dummy in it listening to “Space Oddity”, into space. He even put camera’s in the vehicle. Also, I got interested when the news reporter said that Elon Musk could now send humans to space to live.

What I’m still wondering about is whether or not humans will get to live in space or is Elon Musk just lying?


Rube Goldberg Blog Post #6

Overall, I was really satisfied with my final result. I think the most unique thing about my gold berg was the length and how much time it took. I think the length was unique because my rube gold berg was at least 50 ft long. I believe that time that went into building this was unique because trying to set up my rube gold berg just to film took at least like 12 min. max. Also, during the process, I experienced the pain of losing materials. When I started I had 4 marbles. In the end I ended up with only 1. From this project, I learned to always have patience and control your anger. I also learned that I do not have a steady hand. My dominoes, even though there were only 7 dominoes, they were constantly falling due to the fact that my hand kept touching them which caused them to fall. Overall, this is experience on a scale from 1-10 was a 8.

Rube Goldberg Blog Post #5

My rube gold berg finally worked! I’m so happy. I’ll admit, when I starting getting to 50-60 tries, I got really frustrated and started cursing, and I only curse when I get really really frustrated. Also, I didn’t really enjoy this project because it caused fights between my family. For example, when my rube gold berg was constantly not working, my dad kept telling me to make every step of my rube gold berg to work every time. I disagreed with him so that got us up into a fight. I also think that my determination to finish my rube gold berg went to far. Once, I stayed up all the way to 12:00 working on my rube gold berg and got up the next day at 7 to work on my rube gold berg but it still didn’t work.In all, it took 82 attempts for my rube gold berg to work. The part that I think helped me succeed was changing the ramp. The ramp was the main spot where my rube gold berg would not work. Another spot was connected to the ramp which is the part where the ball on the ramp hits another ball on another ramp. That was hard because I couldn’t find a way to make the ball turn a sharp corner and then hit the other ball.

Rube Goldberg Blog Post #4

So far, I’ve been struggling with getting past the first few steps. My first thought was that my rube goldberg would not work in the ending part but what actually happened was my begging was not working.

I’ve made a lot of major changes to my sketch. I’ve especially done this in my ramp, due to the fact that it just won’t stand. I had to use lots and lots of materials to successfully keep up the ramp. One thing that has been very annoying is that my pet rabbit is constantly trying to get out of his box which makes a ton of noise. This is really annoying when I’m trying to record.

In the beginning I started noticing many different parts where I doubted it would work. One major part was trying to connect my ramp to the part where the ball falls of the stairs. I connected this by sing a plastic pipe to have the ball roll into it and then when the ball gets through, it will roll onto the ramp.

I learned from my first 7 attempts that it was always the first 2 steps that didn’t or barely worked. After these fals, I decided to make sure that my first steps were automatically done. Or just it was 100% going to work.

My prediction is that it will take 20 attempts to make it work.