Monthly Archives: April 2018

Choosing a Topic

Capstone has finally arrived. When it came to choosing our topics I actually had a little struggle. I wanted to do something extraordinary. Like completely out of the box. So when my friends were talking about drugs, I said to myself “That would be a perfect idea! It unusual and its out of the box.” When I told my parents, they were no surprised at all, they acted like it was no big deal. This surprised me a whole lot. You try going up to your parents and say I want to do drugs for capstone. I’d expect that most of your parents would be really disappointed in you. So, after my parents were ok with my topic, I decided to have a backup one just in case I got bored of researching the first one. For this topic, I had one that is ordinary, Electronics. Not to complicated not to easy, just a simple topic. I hope that this topic will stand for the whole capstone experience. I hope that my Site vist and my interview will go perfectly fine.

My Perspective on Poverty

I think poverty is extremely important because people who have poverty could experience a chain of events. If they go to school for example, they might be bullied for their poverty. They could also be bullied for their race. This could end up in banishment from school, the state, possibly the country. This could also cause assault on the person. What I’m saying is poverty can lead to social issues besides just poverty. It could lead to many different social issues with some of them being very severe. Also, there is a good chance that when this certain person with poverty arrives at this school, the past victims of bullying could be eliminated from the bullies “list of victims” and then team up with the bullies to avoid being bullied which could lead to an immense amount of kids ganging up on this one single child.