Choosing a Topic

Capstone has finally arrived. When it came to choosing our topics I actually had a little struggle. I wanted to do something extraordinary. Like completely out of the box. So when my friends were talking about drugs, I said to myself “That would be a perfect idea! It unusual and its out of the box.” When I told my parents, they were no surprised at all, they acted like it was no big deal. This surprised me a whole lot. You try going up to your parents and say I want to do drugs for capstone. I’d expect that most of your parents would be really disappointed in you. So, after my parents were ok with my topic, I decided to have a backup one just in case I got bored of researching the first one. For this topic, I had one that is ordinary, Electronics. Not to complicated not to easy, just a simple topic. I hope that this topic will stand for the whole capstone experience. I hope that my Site vist and my interview will go perfectly fine.

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