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The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe


In the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe so far, all four siblings have entered the world of Narnia. The White Witch has terrorized Mr. Tumnus’s house. Edmund is still under the spell of the Turkish Delight, and is planning to take his siblings to the White Witch.


The witch has the power. She can do whatever she wants and no one can stop her and she takes advantage of this by saying like if you betray me, I can do whatever I want to punish you like she did to Tumnus. She destroyed Tumnus’s private property and all of his personal belongings to punish him. Which shows she’s taking advantage. I think that the setting is being used to her advantage too. She can take her spies and just place them all over Narnia and her minions can blend in to the environment very easily. However, she could be in big trouble right now because I suspect that when it says that to get rid of winter, the white witch and her powers, that the four thrones needed to be filled, it probably meant four humans and 2 boys and 2 girls and that is the case right now with the 4 sibling.


I think the reason she made Edmund bad was so the siblings wouldn’t be able to free Narnia and she wouldn’t have to give up their powers. Now that Edmund is on her side, she can force him not to go on the throne. However, the siblings have more and they have the advantage of being his sibling. It’s like saying do you trust your brothers and sisters or someone who gave you food. I think the reason the white witch is so bad is because she maybe has been through the experience of being controlled and that got her mad so, she wanted to get revenge. To get it, she took advantage of her own power and raged terror throughout the region.


In conclusion I think that even though the witch seems to have the power, it could be a equal fight because of the strength in numbers right now and the fact that they may have the ability to end her powers.

Choosing A Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

Choosing a main inquiry question, simple right? Not at all! This question would have taken me forever but… it actually wasn’t that bad. For some reason, the word affect is sort of the main word of this topic so, I easily made my main inquiry question, “How do drugs affect the human body in positive and negative ways?”  Sub-Questions. Much harder than you think. There’s just so many and you can only choose 5!


For example, I had sub-questions like “What are some negative drugs? What are some positive drugs? How is the price of a drug determined?  Is there a relationship between the cost and if it affects the individual positively or negatively? What drugs are illegal, why are they illegal?”

Of course, this is a draft. It’s not ready yet, you need to edit it!. After you edit them you have to choose 5! My 5 that I choose were “What are some kinds of drugs that are dangerous to take and how does it impact the body? What are some drugs that are beneficial to the body and how does it help the body? What ingredients are needed to make an affect more positive and negative? Do both kinds of drugs effect crucial parts of the body? How is the price of a drug determined? Is there a relationship between the cost and if it affects the individual positively or negatively?”


So here I am, finished with this phase. Now I will wait and see what awaits me.