Monthly Archives: March 2019

Automata project

We are starting a project where we have to make a automata which is basically a complex machine that can make something turn or something go up and down or both. I am planning to make one with gears, axles, cams and followers. My two followers will have a bunny rabbit and a Buddha on top of it. This project looks really fun and I’m really looking forward to doing it.


I have finished my flashlight. It was a fun but hard process. Before we were even able to start building, we had to make a diagram. This was pretty hard because we had to measure and draw everything to scale. After this, I had to cut my PVC pipe. This wasn’t that hard because I already had my pipes length and all I need to do was cut it. Next I solder my cricut. I first cut my wires then soldered my cricut altogether. My circuit consisted of two black wires, one red wire, a LED light, a switch and a battery. Once I finished soldering, I just put my wires into my PVC pipe and closed it up. Finally I colored it.


On a breadboard, the positive side is all connected, so are the negative sides. In the middle, the holes on the number side are all connected. But, the thing in the middle is called the ravine and energy can’t pass through the ravine. We also added wires and lightbulbs to it. The battery’s two sides were on opposite sides. One was on the negative one and one was on the positive one. The lightbulb stretched across the ravine so that the power could pass from one side to another.

Solder person

This week we started a project where we have to make a miniature person out of copper. We used a long piece of copper about 4 inches long. This piece of copper would be used to make the solder person’s body. After that, we had another piece of wire about an inch long and we are going to use this as the hands. In order to connect the two, we have to solder them together. I haven’t started to solder yet but my person’s body is done. I am still waiting to solder the body to the arms.