Box project update

So far, I’ve finished my cardboard box plan and almost finish cutting my food.

1. How did making the cardboard help you?

Well, the cardboard actually helped me a lot because when I made my cardboard prototype, I realized that the size of my box was a lot smaller than the size I wanted it to be. But since I used cardboard first, I was able to change the size to better fit my accommodations.

2. How did you feel about using each tool?

The try square was a bit of a problem for me because the try squares with numbers were too small and the good sized try squares had no numbers. To solve this problem, I but the try square and then I put a ruler right next to it so I could get a straight line. I thought that the box saw would be really hard to use but it was actually really easy for me.

3. What challenges did you face in measuring?

As I said before, I couldn’t find a try-square that worked with my wood. So I added the ruler to increase the size. Also, after I finished my first draft of drawing on my wood, I had to make one of the lines shorter.

4. What challenges did you face in cutting wood?

Honestly, so far it’s been very easy to cut. Using the box saw, I was able to cut each line in roughly 25 seconds. I think that the band saw will be a lot like the scroll saw which was very easy for me to use.

5. What did you find particularly satisfying?

I found that cutting the wood with the box saw and taping my cardboard box together especially satisfying. I like it when I get a lot of adrenaline flowing through my body. So that’s why I like using the saws. For taping, I like it when things fit perfectly together.

6. What did you find particularly frustrating?

I thought that I began to get really impatient when drawing my sketch because I had to keep erasing and drawing because I would either wan’t to suddenly change my design or I would measure it wrong, thinking that it was right.

What will I do during the next few weeks?

Over the next few weeks, I plan to continuing cutting my wood and getting ready to glue it together. I also plan to sand down my splintered edges. I want to put felt in it because I like how it feels. I also plan to decorate the outside and also stain it a polished type of brown. Almost like wooden floors. I plan to carve letters and stamp letters onto it if I have extra time. I would also like to maybe 3-d print a white bunny to resemble my own bunny that I have at home. When I finish, I plan to use this box to store precious items of my family like photos, objects that have memorable pasts, and many other objects.

Cardboard model (top) Wood pieces (bottom)

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