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My Perspective on Poverty

I think poverty is extremely important because people who have poverty could experience a chain of events. If they go to school for example, they might be bullied for their poverty. They could also be bullied for their race. This could end up in banishment from school, the state, possibly the country. This could also cause assault on the person. What I’m saying is poverty can lead to social issues besides just poverty. It could lead to many different social issues with some of them being very severe. Also, there is a good chance that when this certain person with poverty arrives at this school, the past victims of bullying could be eliminated from the bullies “list of victims” and then team up with the bullies to avoid being bullied which could lead to an immense amount of kids ganging up on this one single child.

Bookclubs: Blackthorn key Long and strong

I think Master Benedict is using Christopher to help him with the murders and I think Master Benedict is in the group of assassins. In the beginning of chapter 8 when Christopher was making the burn cream, Maybe one of Master Benedict’s partner in the group of assassins got burned so Master Benedict asked Christopher to do it to act like he was the one who was burnt. I think Master Benedict’s group of assassins needed lots of magic stuff but they couldn’t make enough so Master Benedict adopted Christopher and said that he was his apprentice but he Image result for apprenticereally is using Christopher to help his group of assassins. Finally, the murders never started until Christopher was adopted.


Book clubs: Bystander-Jot 2

Griffin is a jerk. His way of bullying is either himself or his bully friend asks a victim to do something that doesn’t sound so bad but then before the victim is aware the victim is bullied. For example when Griffin asked David if  he wanted to play “Pretzel”, David said “Yes”. What David didn’t know that “Pretzel” was really so that Griffin could wrestle David. So when Griffin and David stared playing Griffin tried his best to hurt David.  He also likes to use school rules as an advantage like with the school no weapon rule, Griffin claims that Eric has a knife in his backpack. Even though Griffin is a bully he does have pretty sneaky ways to get away with bullying. Like taking someone that everyone thinks is weak and then turning that person into a bully and bully the person the bully wants to bully, also know as a victim. In the book the “weak person” that Griffin uses is David. Griffin thinks he’s the best but, he goes farther than that and is at the point where he thinks “Since I’m the best I’m allowed to threaten people and they have to listen to me OR ELSE”. These examples show why Griffin is a Jerk.

Book Clubs: Bystander-Jot 1

I think Eric’s friendship with the bullies will cause everyone to hate him because Eric being friends with the bullies is sort of like Eric wants to be a bully. Also, it means that everyone who’s not a bully and trusted that he was not a bully now probably doesn’t want to be friends with him now because they’ve found out that he’s friends with the bullies. I think that Eric joined the bullies so he wouldn’t get bullied but he doesn’t realize that he’s losing trust from kids like Hallenback. Eric is a kind of kids who always listens to other people and is always afraid to be a leader. At the beginning of the book “ketchup boy” wasn’t so scared of Eric but once “ketchup boy” saw that Eric was a bully he stared to avoid him.